Wedding Dinner

Coll's Wedding Dinner

1st time attending coll wedding dinner...all dress sui sui.....civigis lenglui.....Now 2 already left the dam company..hopefully my turn soon~

Sing K

Went to Neway Leisure Mall to Sing K from 12 to 6pm..
by 4pm..left only 4ppl..sing until tired ..nothing to sing jor..
Some more I am banana...only manage to sing certain song..kekekeke
Sing SOngggggggg ~~~~~

Civigis Annual Dinner

Company annual dinner at Shangri-la Putrajaya...
They allowed off early at 5pm on friday so tat we can prepare ourself for the dinner. Team is "Colourful Night"

I went to waiyii hse to shower n rest. 3 sor poh ( me, nat & waiyii) late to the dinner ..coz we make up la, this la tat la...Hehehhee

I manage to won a Philips DVD player ..muhahahaa.. blah blah tat, went to Steven Corner Pdn Indah for yum char...