Bored to dead

It is either u are so free or dam busy when u are in the serving period. Luckily I only served 3 week notice..
I am welcoming to my new job..more challenging and further away of coz. Wonder how long I can tahan...

Life goes on

Is my mistake to signed fast before considering throughly. dammit.
Life is too short to worried too much. Who's know our life will end so soon without we realise it.
Problem can be solved with money actually is not a big issue if compare to death.
No cure for mistake being make. Accept it and go on.

The Bridal Deals

P/S : The 1st and 3rd pic are mine

Something is on da way

Wohoo...something is on da way. A new job and I am not sure how it would be but I believe I could take the challenge. It just the money matter. Paid more and work more.