Krabi Trip May08

Krabi Town

Thai Village

Swimming Pool

4D3N trip to Krabi, Thailand. Nice trip but the things there are not cheap due to lotsa of 'angmo' tourist. We went to one day tour to Phi Phi Island, which is awesome. The islands are beautiful and the weather are great. I did get little suntan..very minimal leh..not tan at all although I was all day out. sigh..We stay in Krabi Thai Village with a beautiful swimming pool and most of the visitor is angmo. I have not seen any chinese/asian ppl in the hotel. The room rate average RM200+ p/nite.We rent a motorbike for easy access around the town for 200 bath per day.

Green Curry + Tom Yum + Kangkung

Kangkung + Yellow Curry + Soup

Popiah + Green curry

My new tattoo

Been hunger for a new tattoo for quite sometimes and until one fine day I decided to get sourvenior for myself from Krabi town, a tattoo

the pain is killing my leg but not as pain as u see.I didnt even drop single tears :)

dress from VS

I saw my fav dress online..Is diff to find my style of dress I like in KL or in SG..if have also quite expensive. Plus if I have great body shape with great boob & ass la.... so sad...
I will get someone from US to order for me..Victoria Secret...hehehhe

Team Building Day

Event: Team Building
Venue : East Coast Park - SG

more pics coming soon...I love the rock climbing activities and is 'kacang'. So easy and is fun. I missed the flying fox game as there isn't enough time to play as our bus is waiting for us. Too sad. I love those all exciting games...muz do it b4 I'm too old to play. Let see my HR in Oh ya..did I tell you that, the guard said this to me when I am standing at balcony of 4 storey high building without any safety belt. He giv a warning and say" you too thin and the wind will blow you away leh.." my answer " Excuse me..I am too heavy for wind to carry me away..see my big ass..hahhahaa."
btw, I don see am too thin..juz ngam ngam. 167 cm & 52kg !! cloths size 8..not too thin la...kanasai

Boring days

Almost bored to dead these few days. Got nothing to do but lying at home & watch HK drama. Been to do little shopping last weekend. Bought some clothes from G2000. Promotion!! buy blazer and get free matching skirt/pants. As well as stock clearance, where I managed to grab a 3/4 pants for oly $19. cheap ~ cheap ~
Not forgot also, bought collar shirt for my darling as well. Cheap bargain - $53 for 2 working collar shirt.

After shops and gym, went home eat egg noodles with homemade chicken wing =.="