Lantern Exhibition B.Jalil

Juz went for Lantern Exhibition yday nite ..So called Asia lantern fair..hhmm....such a waste..Entrance fee is RM5 per person....nice to see from outside but inside was not attracting at all. Hot & humid..not much lantern.The most extra ordinary was the dragon lantern which make by plate,cup,spoon and etc.. Other juz normal cartoon/ animated lantern..and got alot stalls..juz like in pasar mlm..kekekekek
This may sound interesting to children but to a kind of boring..haiseh....waste money go in there....


XOXO high heels..specially brought by dar dar from 1Utama...3 inch heels...nice to see & only for special ocassion...


Last saturday afternoon was a dam bloody fckin hot day...I & my darling was on the way home.The sky was clear and bright..Picture below taken when I was in the car from the sri petaling way to Puchong...panas gila huh!

Today, 3th June....since I was free coz no date darling was away to Penang..Is time for me to write my blog..yea..I am a lazy blog writer...
I was transfering pic from camera..and i juz remember I took this pic last weekend at Rainforest, Sunway. wakakkaka

Lee Soo Young - Grace

Nice mtv from Lee Soo Young..There is 3 part of the may need to watch all to get the whole story..Lee Soo Young song was good..try to hear some other song sang by her..
By the way, the guy in the mv was cute & now he 's quite famous in well as DBSK & Seven..

CBO vs CLO workstation

This is my new workstation after switch place..nothing much special about my seat..alots keychain from diff place (bali,taiwan,thailand,cameron highland,swak,etc). Opposite is my darling 2nd workstation as he got another cubicle. He can work on 2-3 pc a time..dunno wat he do until need so many pc...hmmmmm