To Do List

So many things to do in coming weeks/months.
  1. Need to repaint the house + small reno
  2. Hunting for gown & dresses for photo shooting. Alot shops need to visit like Pretty in White (PIW), That Special Occasions (TSO), Mithras Design, Freeasy Bridal, White & Lacy...Need to compare price, quality & design before getting any gown & EG
  3. Preparing DIY deco for photo shooting as well as door gift & guest book etc
  4. Wanna watch Donnie Yen new action movie and  Julia Rob love movie - Eat Pray Love
  5. Plan to do a scrapbook for my photos...
  6. shooting plan end Nov/early Dec. Meeting photograher tis weekend for further discussion
  7. Holy shit, need to hunt for makeup artist for next year @_@
  8. Need pay a visit to restaurant for final confirmation
  9. Suddenly wanna eat sushi tim ~
  10. Need to recolor my hair ???

Green Tea KitKat

My fren gave me this KitKat. Really yummy ! I lurve it although I seldom eat chocolate.

Bridal Sales & HomeDec 2010

Wallpaper @ HomeDec

Bridal Sale @ Grand Mellinium Hotel

3 Week of September

Mood : Sian & tired

Is payroll time again plus so many holiday. Timeline is shorter than usual.sigh.
Sian la - those did not follow rules. Already stated the rules still want to ignore it. dam
Sian la - need to rush work again
Sian la - see TL face
Sian la - see my boss face.
the more i see, it keep remind me of the appraisal,make me so geram and want to resign.
Guess I need to hunt for job tis few month. Dam,  I miss one opportunity dy. Need to hunt again for SAP job. god bless me ~
Busy weekend ahead ! I got to attend wedding dinner and appointment to view gown for my coming wedding. yeaa yeaa~

Hi September

Plan for next year trip to Bali again ! Nice hotel from uluwatu.

women are like the weather

some said is more like a late spring, early summer shower

.... they gradually get warmed up until hot with desire, then the gently thundering of the overall touching with a suddon thrust of the lighting bolt and the flood of rain with the refreshing relaxation afterwords... just like the weather

but when when the storm clouds come out, men run like the wind.  

Some said women are like hurricanes, wet and wild when they arrive, when they leave they took everything....