To Do List

So many things to do in coming weeks/months.
  1. Need to repaint the house + small reno
  2. Hunting for gown & dresses for photo shooting. Alot shops need to visit like Pretty in White (PIW), That Special Occasions (TSO), Mithras Design, Freeasy Bridal, White & Lacy...Need to compare price, quality & design before getting any gown & EG
  3. Preparing DIY deco for photo shooting as well as door gift & guest book etc
  4. Wanna watch Donnie Yen new action movie and  Julia Rob love movie - Eat Pray Love
  5. Plan to do a scrapbook for my photos...
  6. shooting plan end Nov/early Dec. Meeting photograher tis weekend for further discussion
  7. Holy shit, need to hunt for makeup artist for next year @_@
  8. Need pay a visit to restaurant for final confirmation
  9. Suddenly wanna eat sushi tim ~
  10. Need to recolor my hair ???

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