What Do Men Really Want?

I read through an article in one of the local newspaper today and yet this is still a hot topic.

I do admit that men range from 0 to 10. Men have evolved themselves and start to grasp the fact that their role may not bas as it once before .Some men are really smart and some are really dumb. Most of the women think brains are more attractive than bulges. "But not too smart, like a 'smarty pants' because that's a definite turn off," tut-tut one femme who is dating a finance guy. "Smart men are definitely better to date than a footballer or a rock star; at least you know they're not screwing around."

Most women often confuse and doubt what men really want.

1. Men love intelligence & independent women. Men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them. Men aren't necessarily looking for a catwalk model and many men don't like women who weigh 80lbs. Men are proud of having a girlfriend who looks good and but a beauty without brains will never kept a man mentally & physically motivated for long term. Men want women with a great sense of humor and are sociable which make her fun to be with. Men love a women whom able to communicate with those around her with variety of subjects. While some men wants women to be able to make own decisions and not afraid to take challenge.

2. Men love a challenging woman, someone who keeps them on their toes. When a man is challenged so he does something about it. If you want to keep your man interested, keep him challenged.

3. Men really know what they want in bed and constantly try to improve their skills. The adventurous sexual appetite in men never changes. Some like to have a lots of partners while some prefer do it with the same partner. Most couples feel they experience intimacy and sharing through sex. Open discussion and sharing without doubt will help continued success of a relationship.

to be continue...

Curry Fish Head

Quite famous among Tmn Perkaka, Penang residents. I was having dinner with my darling in one of this coffee shops. The shops is really packed during dinner hour. Is about 10 mins from Bukit Jambul, where we staying for the holiday.
We ordered kangkung belacan, claypot taufu & the main dish is Curry Fish Head. Not tat spicy (for me la..coz i love chilis) The taste just nice for young & old.

Total cost is RM18++ for 3 dishes.

Hainan Chicken Rice, Penang

This coffee shop has alot customer visiting them everyday. Among the the local fovourites are the Kopi - O (black coffee) and the Hainan Chicken Rice. Located at Chulia Street, Penang. Price are reasonable and really pack during lunch time. The chicken is tender and the sauce is good. Worth to try.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum Ze Zia, located opposite KDU Penang. Business hour is from 6am to 2pm. Famous among local and they provides variety & fresh dim sum everyday. Prices are reasonable and taste really good.

A must try is their Egg tarts 蛋挞. Super yummy. The skin was crispy and egg is really soft. The mixture us both is well done. Superb !!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Xmas gift for you

Jolly month is around the cornder and everyone is busy buying xmas gift whether to the love one or for friends and family. Below is one of the xmas gift bought from local pharmacy.
Price range from RM10-Rm15. (Just nice) for 4 type of different condom, a key & a condom container. Is really cheap for this. As for Durex packs of 3 (ie. Love- RM4, tigle - RM6, togather-RM5,etc) So, i think Romantic Love Rubber package are cheap.

Finally, I just found out that Okamoto provides a super thin condom. Worth try this as the price are affortable. Is about RM10 after discount. Remember play SAFE !

Transsexual Launch Album

OMG..Jessie (Zhong Jie Xi) or the original name Jeffrey (Zhong Xuan Tai) try to be a female singer. Anyway,watever la...they are rich so they can do watever they want but so sad they could not have children of their own. This is the only regret in their life.

The love bird are so mad deeply in love with each other and after few years of relationship, they tide up the knot with approval of both side parent. "Arr..I will bless my son & my daughter in law..... ~.~" & " Coughin* Please take care of my son,my good son in law.He is yours now"

Joshua met Jessie before she change her sex. Two 'malatlou' dating..Oh gosh..Remind me gay having sex..Isk isk..but thanks to the new technology, now Joshua able to have normal sex instead of come from behind. Wondering which one he prefer more. hmmm ouchhh


KUALA LUMPUR: A year ago, Jessie Chung attracted the regional media when she announced her wedding plans.
Chung, the transsexual who made headlines last year when she married Joshua Beh, an accountant, is once again making waves.
Chung released her first album as a female recording artiste yesterday.
The album entitled Loving You is Chung's first album as a female singer, and her third so far. Her previous two albums A Heart Filled With Love and There Is Decision were recorded six to eight years ago when she was still physically a man.
Chung, whose original name was Jeffrey, underwent three operations to become a woman three years ago.

Tea Breaks



250 gms minced chicken
150 gms pancetta (chopped)
1 tsp Grated fresh ginger
1 1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves
1/4 cup chopped spring onions
1 tsp red chillies (chopped)
1 tsp fish sauce
1 egg

1 box ready rolled puff pastry
1 egg yolksesame seeds

Mixed the chicken, pancetta,grated giner,minced garlic, chopped corinder leaves, chopped spring onions, red chilies, fish sauce and eggs in a large bowl.
Roll out pastry on a clean, dry surface. Cut each of the 2 rolled out pastry in 2 lengthways.Line each with the filling and carefully roll into a sausage brushiing the edge with water, then fold over to seal.
Place in a baking tray, brush the tops with egg yolk and top with sesame seeds. Preheat the oven to 180c fan assisted.Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Ready to eat - Sausage Rolls

First Xmas Gift

Hugo Boss Femme Eau De Parfum Spray Boss Femme, the new interpretation of femininity, is a floral sheer oriental fragrance that represents ultra feminine beauty. Complimentary ingredients form a radiant cloud of sophisticated femininity. Bought from Singapore by my love one. Thanks.

First Encounter With Waxing

Ouch..My first encounter with Brazilian waxing was on a raining night. OMG, I'm gonna show off my XXX besides my nearest person.The consultant was friendly enough explaining the step. The funny part is, they mistaken me with one of their customer. According to them, we really look alike. No wonder, once I step in they ask me alot question. Huhuhu

Well, back to waxing. Lying on the bed with only a towel to cover downpart. The consultant will first trim the hair until 1cm long before applying the warm wax. Rip...ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Holding tight my 10 fingers and the process only take 30mins. Final step, s she progressed to tweezers to pluck out those remaining hair from my privates to ensure the skin is hairless & smooth.

While the consultant do her job, I was thinking..these gal muz see various types of crotch & they muz be already immune.
The price for full strip was RM88. First time customer as encourange to use the different wax to reduce pain which will cost extra RM30.You might need a serum after the process to repair & close the pores. Is cost Rm20.

They also provide lotion to prevent ingrown hair & rashes after waxing. Only apply a thin layer on the affected areas. They lotion can be use up to 6 month.

The smoothness and sexiness of waxing are really worth it.Make it a suprise gift to your love one and I am sure their mouths drooled and will hard on once they touch there...

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra position for better intimate between 2 person. Personally, I haven't go through whole documentation, dam long ~ lolx

Download from here KAMA SUTRA

Why Men Like to Buy Boats ?

Jokes of the Day

Story begin with 3 fat male pigs. They wish to go to the other side of the river. They have a huge matter in crossing the river as there is a hungry crocodile live in the river. The crocodile have a specialities which is, whenever the crocodile see a balls, she will eat it hungrily. yea..BALLS !

So, the 1st pig try to cross the river. BAP ! A big bite from crocodile !
Is the 2nd pig turn to cross the river. BAP ! BAP ! Another big bite from the crocodile !
Finally, is the 3rd pig turn to cross the river & he successful go to the other side of the river !!

How ?!?!? * think la. ...

The answer is : The 3rd pig swim backstroke & his balls was facing up !! lolx

Ampang boy (NAYC)

Kejohanan Bola Keranjang Kelab Belia Kampung Baru Ampang (Nov 2006)

After suck in jam for approx 45mins (Jln Ampang) F!@*#!X!, finally I reached Kampung Baru Ampang. Is a basketball season and everybody sitting around the court to watch the matches.

Typically, most of them are the residents nearby as they know each other so well.

Important Person of the nite.

Coach of NAYC team : jeng jeng jeng jeng...GGL

Basically the game was fantasic and the team by won by 70+ marks. Yeah ! The player was great especially two of the player..over 40 yrs old but still a great player..salute ~ Most of the player tall, young and engenertic include the caoch of course..