Nice view, dam sunny on the 1st day.reached Redang by noon time...have lunch af check in ...around 2.30pm went to snorkeling....sunburn =.=! went to Marine Park..saw big 'sek pan' & 'lei yu' dam bigggg...tired snorkeling for long time...those bunch of guys..very enegertic type...after snorkeling..they went to play volleyball while we, the gals...walk apround and take pic...

to be continue....

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Redang Trip May 06

Finally I am back to the busy work.. Quite a fun trip coz I got to know this new gang of frens..

Departure from my darling hse, Sun - 21/5 5.10am to LCCT
Check in and wait for the flight..dam blardy sleepy..

Reach KT, take bus to jetty. Take approx. 40mins... hmm..Finally reached Jetty.

Cute piggy

Cute pig..can be seen in Sg wang as well as in pasar mlm..I juz bought one similar to pic above from pasar mlm...Price between RM5-10..medium size.. A pig from korean show "My lovely sam soon". Currenlty I am lookinf for a smaller size to hang on my hp.. kekekekeke