Time Flies

Congrats to May & Gary..finally walk down the aisle. It's been few year since I last saw her. She's back again to KL for short holiday and back to UK on Thursday. I sincerely wish them happy forever and wait for next meeting. Below is the small gift from her. Dior Jadore~

Wedding gift

Let help those children

I did it and I hope you will do it too

Life is a bit boring

Aww...I think life is a bit boring nowadays and it is getting end of 2011. I have not going to any overseas trip this year.Work so hard for money and yet money is not enough..wat the hell x!@#$..no shopping for few months & watch every single cents I spend..So pathetic.

Anyway, I promise myself to pampered myself after a year of hard-work.
 This is something i wanted for so long and yet to have one...D3100 or the new innovation Nikon V1.Maybe a new year gift for myself.

Been a while

Sorry for abandon-ing this blog for quite sometimes..coz I am busy and seldom online..busy baking and trying out new baking tips..
I will update something special if any
I am so busy with my new job. It is not easy & actually i am getting tired of it. probably tis is bcoz my previous job is more relaxing & easy to handle plus i get to know most of the staffs there..here busy frm AM to PM plus i am new to this industry which require me to learn frm A to Z. Every work till 7.30 or 8PM. by the time i reach home almost 10pm..sien..Luckily friday off at 5pm. sien coz my boss like to giv work af working hour...small team wit tons of work..

I am dreaming of my ex coll..how much fun we had..the things we been through..gals party..and CM the good one.. really miss those old days.

Bored to dead

It is either u are so free or dam busy when u are in the serving period. Luckily I only served 3 week notice..
I am welcoming to my new job..more challenging and further away of coz. Wonder how long I can tahan...

Life goes on

Is my mistake to signed fast before considering throughly. dammit.
Life is too short to worried too much. Who's know our life will end so soon without we realise it.
Problem can be solved with money actually is not a big issue if compare to death.
No cure for mistake being make. Accept it and go on.

The Bridal Deals

P/S : The 1st and 3rd pic are mine

Something is on da way

Wohoo...something is on da way. A new job and I am not sure how it would be but I believe I could take the challenge. It just the money matter. Paid more and work more.

Australia or Paris

Both will cost a great amount but it is worth to visit. Will plan for it next year.

Looking for greener grass

Been through various interview within since Nov last year and yet I am still sitting here waiting. Wish someone call me and announce the good news to me.

Hmm..Currently in resting mode after being super busy mode for the past few month. Is time to sick and yes..all the sickness start to come out. Stomache, gastric, vomit, etc....damn..Need to do more exercise and eat more vegetable and fruit.

More trips coming.Phuket, Seam Reap, Taiwan ..here i come !!!


Alot bad news around us. Don't be sad. Tomorrow gonna be a good day. Lots of sunshine

Vacation In Need

Did I tell you that I am super busy from Jan till now...Peak season for my work as well as for my personal isssue. Eventually, I lost so much weight and now am only 51.5kg.

I am so tired until every nite I sleep as early 10pm. I have a deep sleep until I won't realised if anybody walk into my room. sleep like dead ppl =_="

I need vacation to relax my body and my soul. yes..I need meditation....

KL Big Day

5th March 2011 - KL

Happy Valentine's Day

Something blue

Sometimes something is blue. Monday is blue, mood is blue, sky is blue, heart is blue...

I miss ..

Seeing my friend pic at UK airport make me miss UK. I want to go Spain, Rome & Italy. I really love walking with my backpack, eat & take those beautiful photos.

I was walking alone in London few year back when I am completed my degree.
I mux go for the trip......

Busy like Beezzz

Super busy month for me. Busy preparing Annual Tax Return Form (EA) for all employees (approx 1000-2000 headcount) and I only have about 4 weeks time. Other than that, CNY is around the corner. So many gathering and makan makan session.
And my wedding reception is around the corner. I will get my cheungsum by this week and need to prepare other small thingy like deco for my hse, bride's car, invitation card, jimus flower etc. All handmade by ourself. Luckily i got a very good helper to  help me out.