Chinese new year ~

aiii.....a day before 29 (lin 29) already sick...gastric..coz too much asid..vomit non stop..haiiih...went too see 2 times doc..getting better af injection.Tis year had to limit my self not to eat too much cold & snacks....
Luckily enough, I still manage to do my last mints shopping in MV on saturday with my sis.Cant walk too long.feel dizzy.. Then dinner time ! eat ! eat little bit then full liao..wat tv whole nite & sms.

Lin chor yat (1st day of CNY) - Ang pow ! ang pow ! as usual went to relatives hse..same question again " Harr..big girl already? When r u getting marry?" ~weating~

Lin chor yee (2nd day of CNY) - ang pow again ! went to cousin hse. Alamak..their bfs as there. Keep asking me to bring home my one..I juz smile & said sudah balik kampung ..muhahhaha..then my mum turn..keep asking me to bring my bf home to get ang pao..such a pressure....aiii

Civigis Opening Ceremony

Under the big big boss.....leung pit gai...kiamsap lang ! sai chin mm sai pun. Own expenses claims gao gao from company. Poor employee like hard for nothing.cis ! Run for life !! Run run

Jeng ..jeng ..jeng jeng....My company opening ceremony af complete phase 2. Got lengluis along wor...Kononnya Ms Msia =.=" but face eh eh...but the red cheongsam one quite sok la...

Bday Celebration at June's Condo

The earliest bday celebration with my frens.ehemm....knew them since college time..4 yrs ++..wat a bunch of crazy ppls..Our chef of the nite..June (wit cap) We have lamb, chicken, salad, mash potatoes, Domino (2 Large pizza) , Red & white wine..

My workstation

This is my workstation...look like rubbish bin...too many work...stressed gao gao....kanasai year end...This pic was taken on sunday..Yes ! SUNDAY and I am working !


Is my special 2005 xmas gift.. x0x0 handbag..after searching for long time... Not tat expensive & extra ordinary but I like it

Wish List (Year 2006)


Sling bag
Handbag (XOXO - by RT )
Loccitane hand/body lotion
Body shop body butter
Biotherm Aqua Source
Biotherm White Detox set
Levis Jeans
Xixili Lingerie (purple color)
La Senza lastest pink lingerie (look at the
New Watch (Swatch/Guess/
New pair of high heels & sandals
Davidoff -Cool Water
Anna Sui -Secret Wish
Lancome - Miracle
New Job with bonusss
Trip to Thailand / Phuket /Taiwan
Digi/Video Cam
XH Detoxlim & Fiber Plus
Lost 5kg
Bird nest (Lou Hong Ka instant bird nest..kekeke)
New car
Hula Hoop (thick one ) be continueee

New Year Eve

So sien plan at all...thought goin for a movie..King Kong...till now havent watch...haih...
At last, went to siu mui mui hse at Wangsa Maju after lunch. (Wu Sou Lou G Yuk Fan) at Desa, Wangsa maju..quite tasty..

nothing to do there..but chat & surf net..helping out to prepare for BBQ thingy..i didnt do much..let Ray to the rest..muhahahahaa...

eat, chat, surf my list..quite number of ppl was online..even Seng Hong kor kor, bryan, cely & etc...tit tok tit tok.....12am !! Happy new Year..went to 4th Floor and watch fireworks..can see fireworks from KL..Alpha got quite number of fireworks...can see $$$ in the skies...few mints cost alotsssss....

After tat went to BRJ yum charr...went home at 3am....ZZZzzzZZZZzz

Xmas 2006

Woke up quite early on xmas eve even though last nite sleep at around 2am.Friday, went to Dataran Prima, PJ ate chilis crab, butter milk crab & etc..then took lrt to KLCC (David, Nicole, Me & ray) ..walk walk..bought a pair of sandals..! tat's $$$

Come back to xmas eve...Clean up my self and then morning call ppl to pick me up. Arrived at my hse at 10.30am. Then morning call Nicole..pick her up at Kelana Jaya at around 11++. Reached Puchong by 12..Initially we wanted to have breakfast..those half boiled egg with bread..typical breakfast..but ..12noon....tak payah lor...branch time !

After tat went to Brothers to see car thingys..newly open in Puchong...nothing useful to me.After tat went to Tesco..doin so grocesory shopping..bought some vege, fish n snacks the time kao tim..already 3.30pm..dam bloody tired..I want to ZzzzzzZZzz

Go back taytay hse..prepare for xmas dinner...coz too tired...ran up to room & take a nap...while NM & ray make tong yuen..kekekeke

We got fish, luncheon meat with egg, got ABC soup, meatballs, brocolli (special make by Shirley & bf) & tong yuen...lolx
SO& bf bring one bottle of coffee liquor (got vanilla one) I can't recall the name..add in dam taste..i drank 2-3 glasses if i am not mistaken..then we got Ricky Martin & Rose Wine...
Sei yan ray..make me drank...finally...drunk...sleep at room again..till 11.59pm..Nicole also drunk..but not as bad as mine...malunya!!!!!!!!

SO punya bf & ray...geng..kaki botol !! sarawak kia!! 1.30am..san ben..go home...before that...i walk to longkang nearby n guess wat..!! puke !! yeeeeeeeee..