Chinese new year ~

aiii.....a day before 29 (lin 29) already sick...gastric..coz too much asid..vomit non stop..haiiih...went too see 2 times doc..getting better af injection.Tis year had to limit my self not to eat too much cold & snacks....
Luckily enough, I still manage to do my last mints shopping in MV on saturday with my sis.Cant walk too long.feel dizzy.. Then dinner time ! eat ! eat little bit then full liao..wat tv whole nite & sms.

Lin chor yat (1st day of CNY) - Ang pow ! ang pow ! as usual went to relatives hse..same question again " Harr..big girl already? When r u getting marry?" ~weating~

Lin chor yee (2nd day of CNY) - ang pow again ! went to cousin hse. Alamak..their bfs as there. Keep asking me to bring home my one..I juz smile & said sudah balik kampung ..muhahhaha..then my mum turn..keep asking me to bring my bf home to get ang pao..such a pressure....aiii

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DarReNz said...

so who ur bf ar ?