How to spice up your life

I am not so feeling well today.There is a symptom of cough & sore throat. I need to take leave and rest...
Sitting in front of my pc alone in da room @ office make me feel so empty. Everyone have something missing in their life and me too. The missing things eventually will come to us and we did no need to go and search for it although we try too :p

So, what is missing from your life ? I probably can lend a telescope for you to seach further or torch light to search among the darkness. If not, try other way to make your life more interesting.

How to spice up your life? To be happy we need to find a balance between comfort and adventure. If you keep on living your life on predictable styles, it feels boring and there is no room for improvement. To move on or not is up to you.

As for me, I want to improve and I want my ppl besides me happy and improve as well. Not necessary to spend alots money to make you happy. Have some activities with your friends or your love. It's is important to move out from the comfort zone. For some ppl, just a little maybe enough. (I guess this is me coz am lazy..hahahaha) Improve doesn't mean need to change yourself. Personally, I dont really like ppl who try  to change the way I am. I am who I am. wtf

How to Make A Girl Like You

I have ask few of my gfs and seem the answer for this question almost similar. I guess we are the typical modern gals. opps

To guys out there....
You probably can't stop thinking about that wonderful woman at work or your eyes keep being drawn to the gorgeous girl across the room, your crush has become all-consuming. She is all that you can think about. And now you want to know: are you all that she can think about, too?

Girls are scared of making fools of themselves. She would love to tell you she likes you but she's scared of misreading your signals and having you laugh in her face. As a result, she is coy about her clues; the signs are all there, but you do have to learn to look out for them.
Modern need caring 99% which will melted their heart away, be patient and be generous. Then 2nd things come in place is physical look and the 5C. 
 My friend is having some issues with few guys and I try to help her in choosing the right one...and it is really many things to consider..

Sorry to said that but this is true. So hard ! :P

KL Urbanscapes 2010

Been to this KL Urbanscapes 2010 @ Sentul Park. Approx 10mins walk from my house at Jalan Ipoh. So dam near. The weather is hot and there's lotsa stuff u can grab from the market, mostly the vintage & retro design.

Sentul Park Koi Center. There is an entrance fee for normal day.

Ideas & Theme

I finally the theme for my upcoming event. The theme and ideas of decoration also almost finalize and now all I need is a story plot.

Need to start survey for tools. :P

F&N SSC Team Building 2010

I was so happy and enoy myself to the max on these 2D1N @ Thistle, Port Dickson. It's been a quite some time that I did not go travel with coll and friends. I really miss those freedom and moment. Plan to do more outing in future.

I need A Simple Living Manifesto

I really need some ideas to simplify my life. Life is too many burden and worries.

A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, I still find it difficult to live in simple way. I need eschewing chaos for peace, and spending my time doing what’s important to me.

Getting rid of many of the things so I can spend time with people I love and do the things I love. Getting rid of the clutter so left with only that which gives me value.

However, getting to simplicity isn’t always a simple process. It’s a journey, not a destination, and it can often be a journey of two steps forward, and one backward.

Wish me luck

Collagen Drink

This is my 2nd batch of collagen drink. I've tried Kinohimistu J'pan Collagen drink with 2500mg of collagen. Colla plus now having promotion buy 12 free 4 which is a very good deal. Colla plus contain 5000mg of marine collagen. Within 1 week u can see the result. It will increase skin firmness, strengthens the epidermis, smoothen wrinkles, moisturizes and whitens skin. Good but pricey ! :P