Was reading some articles now and come across some pharagraph I love.

Most people don't work to their potential unless they know their efforts are appreaciated and the world is full of under-appreciated , over-worked employees looking for new job. So keep employees happy with great rewards programme.

Reward excellent  behaviour  to create a culture of exccellent performance.

The Anatomy of Modern Relationship

We all want friendly, rewarding relationships with other people, but we often end up with the exact opposite - hostility, bitterness, and distrust. Why is this? Why can't we all just get along?
What about love among human.
Love begins in attention. Love begins when you notice another person. Love starts with a catching of your eye.
Once you have each other's attention - no small feat - the next step toward love is to sustain that attention over time. Without sustained attention, love cannot grow. On the other hand, too much attention can snuff it out. Giving and receiving attention becomes a kind of dance as love grows. Now you see me, now you don't. Playing hard to get.

Our age of distraction can disrupt the dance. If you don't have time to ponder and wonder, if you don't have time to approach and avoid and put your heart into it, then love will falter here, not because you are a mismatch but because you have not created sufficient focus for love to grow.

Come on.get over it

After the dark day, there comes the light..the brigt sun shining above your head. Look positive and the luck will eventually come to you. This is the advice I heard.

Well, happy weekend is around the corner. My coll is getting married and her ROM is tomorrow. Am so excited and oh yes, i gonna be her photographer gal tomorrow. simple event @ Tin Hau Gong. And gonna meet my cute my protraits photographer this sunday and alot plan ahead me.


I'm still so dissapointed. I've actually plan to do a lot of things when I receive my bonus. Now everything will be just a dream. Kns. They have destroy my dream and I swear to god I will leave the company.really so sad to the max. I have choose the photographer for my wedding AD and now I have to think twice. job please come to me ! please let me get out of this fck* hell.


You may think that you are just one in a million. Or one in a billion. Perhaps one in a trillion?
But every one of you make a difference.
To the world, you’re just a person.
But to a person, you may mean the entire world.
Every where you go, you’re leaving behind footprints, hand prints, fingerprints.
That gum you spit out on the sidewalk? It’ll be embellished into the cement forever.
Every person you meet, you’re leaving behind a memory for them.
Every person you hurt, you’re leaving behind an aching heart that’ll probably never fully mend itself.
Every smile you wear, will brighten up someone’s day.
Every word you say, will affect someone else’s mindset.
Every step you take, you’re moving forward, leaving behind a trail of your essence.

Work suxs

I just know it but I just can't accept it right now. Increment is 2%. wtf..Work so hard and end up this is all I got. With 1 month bonus while others receive 3 months and above. All the money just go to the evil groups.
I will NOT do year end EA coz I just don have the heart to work with u anymore. Last year work so hard and no bonus and hope this year will have some fruitful ending but the answer they give me is totally rubbish. Really sux. I never face such evil person  in my work life before. Is not my prob, those who work with her before do have the same comment. Some even don invite her to their wedding dinner and such although they are coll. Just ignore her. Imagine I still need to go to work and smile at her. Every time she smile back is just an evil smile. bad girl !

Whatever it is, I will do what I love and want to do for so long. Learn photography.

Welcome November

A blink and now it has come to the month of November. Xmas is just a month ahead. Everything is getting nearer & nearer. Excited ! Wish to have some deco as shown in the pic. Lovely daisy on reception table as gift. But malaysian did not know how to appreaciate such pretty deco. wasted.