The Anatomy of Modern Relationship

We all want friendly, rewarding relationships with other people, but we often end up with the exact opposite - hostility, bitterness, and distrust. Why is this? Why can't we all just get along?
What about love among human.
Love begins in attention. Love begins when you notice another person. Love starts with a catching of your eye.
Once you have each other's attention - no small feat - the next step toward love is to sustain that attention over time. Without sustained attention, love cannot grow. On the other hand, too much attention can snuff it out. Giving and receiving attention becomes a kind of dance as love grows. Now you see me, now you don't. Playing hard to get.

Our age of distraction can disrupt the dance. If you don't have time to ponder and wonder, if you don't have time to approach and avoid and put your heart into it, then love will falter here, not because you are a mismatch but because you have not created sufficient focus for love to grow.

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