Curry Chicken Bun

Last saturday, having lunch with my darling at SS2, saw this huge round thingy outside a shop. Oo...Is actually a big curry chicken bun.RM10 for small and Rm17 for a big one.

Taste actually so so la..A small bun is enough for 2 ppl, unless you are a big eater

Claypot Chicken Rice

After recommend by Ho Jiak, I went to try this Claypot Chicken Rice at Shi Yue Tian @ Bdr Kinrara. What's so special here is, the rice was cook using the charcoal. Be prepared to wait at least 40mins. The marinated chicken was tender and the chinese sausage adding some nice aroma. The rice was not overcooked which most ppl prefer to have the overcooked rice when having claypot chicken rice. Frankly speaking, the chicken rice here is not what I expected. Hardly find some salty fish in the rice. Next month I will show the real nice claypot chicken rice @ Penang. To be cont...

The business open daily from 5pm - 10pm. The place was really crowded and ppl are queue up all the night. Price small (Rm3.50) Large (Rm8.00)

Pork Noodle

Pork Noodle at GreenView Restaurant @ Puchong Jaya

Normally, I will have it once a week.I like it because it has alot of green onion, minced pork, meatball, intestine, slices of liver,(btw, I don eat internal organ) and some vegetables. The soup was nice cause of the slices of liver.

The coffeeshop was located opposite IOI Mall. Peak time was during weekday lunch. Weekend will just nice to have lunch. Not too crowded. Price 3.50 per bowl

I Hate Monday

I hate Monday ! I hate Monday ! I hate Monday ! I hate Monday ! I hate Monday ! I hate Monday ! Yes !! I hate Monday ! haih !!

Monday bluesss + PMS... i think...wat date today ??!!?? ooohhh.... relatives soon come visit this week...


Quiet as untroubled waters
another austere day gives way
allowing a sun-tanned twilight
to gently coax the night awake
Once our special time together

we watched for Hesparus in half-light
of the genial summer's eve
The harvest of time's scythe
has sustained me and I no longer grieve
Over the many lost evenings
and things we shall never see
for this special time of day
God has given to us alleven if
the only one who enjoys it

Gao Ren Guan [高人馆]

Gao Ren Guan, a newly open restaurant in Puchong Jaya, opposite IOI mall.Turn left after the EON car showroom.Go straight, you may find the shop right next to a steamboat restaurant. Usually, it will packed during dinner time. You may need to wait a while. Lucikly, I already booked a table for 5 ppl earlier, so no need to queue up. 'Table reserved for Ms.Low"

Nice wallpaper. Read the words if you can.

We ordered the house specilities. Kao yuk 扣肉, salty steam chicken and beancurd. Others dishes are fried sotong and a mixed vege. We just ordered a pot of tea 'kuk pou'

Basically, the dishes taste okie. But the chicken is really bad that night. We ordered half chicken (Rm20). The chicken seem steam not long enough as the meat was so hard & tasteless. We hardly finish the chicken. As for the kao yuk, is too fat. The yam was okie. The beancurd is quite nice as well as the vege. Mayb is too many ppl, the chef probably not enough time to cook probably the food. -.-"

Total cost is RM78+ for 5 dishes and a pot of tea.

Japanese English Lesson

After learn, need to do some exercise...practice make perfert ! So, tonite go home and said to your love one. Good exercise for weekend !

Homemade Rice Dishes





White lou su fan

The shop crowded with people that night.
White Lou su fan

Sorry, photo was taken with my 'lau yah' handphone

After watch Ho Jiak on 22/10/2006. I went to Serdang to have the so called ' white lou su fan'. It sctually located on next to KL-Seremban Highway. If you coming from KL, turn left and you will come to Mines Horse Racing Selangor Turf Club roundbout, take 12 o'clock turn. Go strainght and turn left to Seri Kembangan/Serdang. The shop is located opposite a petrol station. Sorry, I can't recall the shop name.

The white lou su fan is made of white egg, just like what you eat from shark fin. The taste is nice, waterly, clear and taste a little bit spicy taste (pepper too much). Mayb chef too busy that nite, accidently put extra pepper into it.

Price was RM5 per head. Other than lou su fan, you may order side dishes such as vege, chicken, pork etc. I've ordered a plate of lala (RM8). The lala was taste excellent.