Sat,27th Jan - 7.22pm

Report specially from office. I spend my weekend at my lovely office. Tired n sleepy right now but still enjoying my work.

Going off in 1-2 hours time, continue 2mlw morning.

Busy Busy Busy

New job, new environment, new task, new experience = precious
GL,Frozen Run, Parallel Run, Go Live ~
Although alot works need to be done, but I enjoying learning alots new stuff. Thanks to Nicole Jeh for transfer alot knowledge to me..Got SO & NM there, I wont feel lonely and sked.

Alot work to do leh...I wont be free until Aug..hopefully by tat time can take a short break...


Last Friday went to Jogoya for dinner, as promised by GGL to treat me a dinner for my 2007 bday. Thanks alotssssssss muaakss....arr.not forget thanks to Walter (Ah sui kor)..for the dinner as well.


Me & Fei Lou ( tired..see my eye...)

My main course of the nite..salmon rolls

These are the food for 1st round..

Malatlous eatinggg

Begin Another Journey

Tomorrow will be my last week with my current company. Gonna start another new journey again. Same field as current job, consulting. Wish me good luck and hopefully everything goes smooth all the way.

富士山下 (Under Mt.Fuji)

Eason - 富士山下
Album - What's Going On

攔路雨偏似雪花 飲泣的你凍嗎
Laan lo yue pin chi suet fa Yam yap dik nei dung ma
je fung lau ngoh kap nei moh do yau kam fa
連調了職也不怕 怎麼始終牽掛
lin diu liu jik ya bat pa jam moh chi jung hin gwa
foo sam suen jung gam tin seung che nei woii ga
原諒我不再送花 傷口應要結疤
yeun leung ngoh bat joi sung fa seung hau ying yiu git ba
fa faan po moon sam lui fan cheung choi hoi pa
如若你非我不嫁 彼此終必火化
yeu yeuk nei fei ngoh bat ga bei chi jung bit foh fa
yat saang yat sai dang yat tin sui yiu doi ga

*誰都只得那雙手 靠擁抱亦難任你擁有
* sui do ji dak na seung sau kaau yung po yik naan yam (wai) nei yung yau
yiu yung yau bit sin dung sat hui jam jip sau
曾沿著雪路浪遊 為何為好事淚流
chang yuen jeuk suet lo long yau wai hoh wai ho si lui lau
sui nang pang oi yi yiu foo si saan si yau
何不把悲哀感覺 假設是來自你虛構
hoh bat ba bei oi gam gok ga chit si loi ji nei hui kau
si goon lui jaau bat do ta yim woo ngaan mau
前塵硬化像石頭 隨緣地拋下便逃走
chin chan ngaang fa jeung sek tau chui yuen dei paau ha bin to jau
我絕不罕有 往街裡繞過一周
ngoh juet bat hon yau wong gaai lui yiu gwoh yat jau
ngoh bin fa woo yau

情人節不要說穿 只敢撫你髮端
ching yan jit bat yiu suet chuen ji gam foo nei faat duen
je jung ji taai hoh wooi ling nei gang sam suen
留在汽車裡取暖 應該怎麼規勸
lau joi hei che lui chui nuen ying goi jam moh kwai huen
jam moh hoh yi jeung sau woon yan tung waak suen
人活到幾歲算短 失戀只有更短
yan woot do gei sui suen duen sat luen ji yau gang duen
gwai ga sui yiu gei lui lo sui nang yue suen
忘掉我跟你恩怨 櫻花開了幾轉
mong diu ngoh gan nei yan yuen ying fa hoi liu gei juen
dung ging ji lui yat jo bei yat sai yiu yuen

Repeat *

nei waan yim bat gau
ngoh ba je chan nin fung lau
sung jang nei gaai jau

Wong Poh Crab

Went to have Wong Poh Crab, Dataran Prima with my friends last weekend. We ordered

two type of crab which is famous, butter crab & sweet sour crab. The butter crab was tasty but lack of sauce.I love to dip the baked bun with the sauce. The sweet sour crab was not spicy enough but the sauce was thick and good.

Map for your reference !

Tools to sell

Hey hey ! Special tools travel from USA. Who want to buy it, can contact me via email or hp if you have my number. Price negotiable. Bid start RM99.

Don't ask me did I use it or not. NO !! I found it very disgusting and 'geli'. Just not my cup of tea ~.~"

Warm wishes from love one

Here I would like to thanks to my love one for all the gift and delightful B'day wish .

Plus A Year !!

11-1-2007 gosh... another digit add up to my age. Getting older and older. Still did not have any achievement. secret admirer sent something to my office. Does sunflower look like me ?!?! Describe as cheerful,happy & bright gal..hmmm. Some how, I do feel suprise and happy to receive flowers on this special ocassion. Hey guys ! nvr believe what gals said, even though they alwiz said 'don spend money buy flowers la..expensive' or 'i don really need this'. Is actually deep in heart, the gals really love to have it and will be very happy.

Gals love suprise ! and I love suprise, excitment exspecially on special ocassion. hehehe

Anyway, thanks to all my friends for the wishes and gift.

Poem From Admirer

Meet this guy last week when dancing at Flam, Sunway. Take a pic with him and exchange contact no. Everday I got a poem from this admirer.

Monday POeM

Monday has a last name, a name associated with colour
It is blue, the color of the sky..

Many people including myself find Monday such a unpleasant person
although it has not done any harm to me

So is it the right moment to think carefully if we had done anyone injustice
injustice that the person do not deserve

Begin to like Monday and the people around you more than usual
you will find the experience rewarding

nb: I will call you few days later.. early of the month tends to be busy.


Tuesday PoEm

"Tuesday is a nobody... seldom people mentioned about her..
too common to be heard of ..."

"Many of us choose to be a Tuesday... Being in the lime light all the time could be tiring...
rest our mind to be ourself..."

"I am not a Tuesday... though I choose to be one sometime..
roll up the sleeves to enjoy a day with friends..."

"Many Tuesday(s) are around us all the time... do we see them?
get to know them... who knows what they can offer?"


Seven Deadly Sins Quiz


The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

As I Move Along

Year goes by & I am getting older. As I move along, I have gains alot experience whether in life, job or love.
There happy, sad & tough time all along the year. Yr 2006, I have ended my first job after 2 yrs and landed with new job, as a fresh employee. All start from zero again. Life is getting no way, but looking forward for my future prospect by restructuring my plan to gain experience and hoping to get a better job with good salary range & better benefits.
Hereby I need to thanks to one of my long time blog supporter. I need to thanks to 2 people for giving me a love life. Remember, how we spend the sleepless night, limteh la then drive to genting at midnite, talk crap while having coffee & cheesecake outside starbucks after casino section. Even pay a visit to my hse with those fruits...lolx. And the CH trip, was really fun ! from there come out the gang name..I still remember one geh...
I believe everyone have been through up & down, happy & sad moment through the year. In my dictonary there is no such word as 'eternally' but I believe in faith. Faith & trust bring humans taogther. Love is just another things to beautify life. Money is more meaning and health is much much more important. I begin love Yoga..hatha yoga, astanga yoga & yogalates are my favourite. Hope tone up & have a better wellness in new year.
Have a good sleep and tomorrow just another day to begin a new journey.


請先準備:一杯溫水、一杯熱茶、一杯冰水、一盆熱水、一盆溫水、三條毛巾,一袋冰塊,二個小玻璃瓶子分別裝蜂蜜(裝點水,讓它稍微不要那麼濃)和嬰兒油,蜂蜜放在熱水盆裡,嬰兒油放在冰塊裡. Please prepare:
a cup of warm water, a cup of hot tea, a cup of ice water, a bowl of hot water, a bowl of warm water, 3 pieces of small towel,a packet of ice cubes,a small bottle containing honey (mixed with water to promote liquidity).a small bottle containing baby oil.*place the bottle with honey inside the hot water bowl.*place the bottle with baby oil inside the ice cubes.

  1. 第一重(溫) 用溫水倒在毛巾上,輕輕的將他的陽具和蛋蛋擦拭,別忘了,要輕輕的喲!因為妳的手拿著溫毛巾,所以妳的手也是溫的,用妳的手用輕輕的上下套弄,等他硬起來後,將毛巾放在他的屁股下,將他的包皮退下,用溫水從他的龜頭向下淋去,將那龜頭頸部的白色皮垢,輕輕用手指抹去(手指可以在毛巾上擦拭)。First Round (WARM)
    Get the warm towel and gently rub the ‘little bro’ and balls (Please be sure you do it gently). After holding the warm towel, your hand will become warm. Use your warm hand to play with the ‘littlebro’ up and down until it becomes hard. Then place the towel under his butt. Push down the skin layer to expose the ‘littlebro’ head. After that pour the warm water from the top of the head and use another hand to wash the head.
  2. 第二重(涼) 倒一口冰水含在口中,約十秒,讓妳的舌和唇,是呈現冰涼的狀態後,將水吞下,輕輕的用妳的唇和舌,親吻和輕舔他的陽具及龜頭,但不要急著含下去哦,等到冰冷感沒了,再喝一口冰水,如此來回約三次。 Second Round (Fresh)
    Drink some ice water & hold in your mouth without gulp it. Hold it for about 10 second until your mouth & lips feel cold enough. Then gulp the water. Using yr cold mouth & lips, slowly kiss and lick the head and whole of the ‘littlebro’. Remember do not do oral sex. When the icy feeling get lesser, repeat the 1step (holding icy water in mouth) to get icy mouth & lips. Repeat the whole process for 3 times
  3. 第三重(熱) 將濃濃熱熱的蜂蜜,倒在他的龜頭上,用妳靈巧的手指在他的龜頭G點處,輕輕撫摸(如果妳摸的對,他會爽到不行,而且絲毫沒有要射的壓力),千萬不要上下套弄,重點就在龜頭上。 Third Round (Hot)
    Pour the hot honey onto the ‘littlebro’ head, use your active finger to gently touch the G spot at the ‘littlebro’ head (If you got the correct location, he will feel extremely excited, but will not feel want to orgasm). Do not rub it up and down. Just focus on the ‘littlebro’ head.
  4. 第四重(冰) 喝一口冰水(或蜂蜜)直接從龜頭給他含下去,因為上一重妳已經倒了蜂蜜,所以,請妳好好的享? 帠o頓蜂蜜肉棒吧Fourth Round (ICE)
    Drink some ice water and straight suck the ‘littlebro’ from the top. Since you have pour the honey before this, you can enjoy the honey stick now.
  5. 第五重(熱) 吃完了蜂蜜冰棒,別忘了,喝杯熱茶去去甜。用口含一口熱茶,好好的將這個肉棒從頭到蛋給他洗一遍。 Fifth Round (HOT)
    After tasting the honey stick, drink some hot tea to clear the sweetness. Then hold some hot tea in your mouth, then thoroughly clean the ‘littlebro’ and balls
  6. 第六重(冰) 用包著冰塊的塑膠袋,在他的命根子處,輕輕的來回擦拭。 Sixth Round (ICE)
    Use the plastic bag that containing ice to rub the ‘littlebro’ up and down softly.
  7. 第七重(熱) 從熱水盆中拿起毛巾,輕輕的為他擦拭(先將毛巾放在他的小腹上,測試他的接受度,不要直接就把熱熱的毛巾放在命根子上,他翻臉事小,萬一燙傷妳親愛的肉棒棒,那妳情人節的小穴穴,就要獨守空閨了)。 Seventh Round (HOT)
    Take the towel from the hot water bowl. Place the towel on his stomach to test the temperature (ensure not too hot). If acceptable, use the tower to rub the ‘littlebro’.
  8. 第八重(涼) 把放在冰塊中的嬰兒油,或是潤滑液倒在他的龜頭上,然後和第三重相同,輕輕柔柔的為他撫摸,讓妳的手在他的G點、馬口、甚至慢慢滑下他的肛門,萬一不再冰涼了,就再加點。Eighth Round (Fresh)
    Pour the baby oil (put in the ice cubes) onto the ‘littlebro’ head and do the steps as Third round (massage the G spot) and extend down to the balls until the anus. Add on the baby oil to promote cold fresh feel
  9. 第九重(溫) 最後用溫毛巾為他再擦拭,等到乾淨後,妳的唇和舌,也可溫柔的再次為他服務,最後是女上男下,將將那迷人的肉棒,放進妳最溫暖的密穴中(所以妳知道,最後為何要用嬰兒油或潤滑液,而不是蜂蜜了吧,除非妳不怕螞蟻爬進妳的小穴裡。Ninth Round (Warm)
    Finally use the warm towel to rub the ‘littlebro’ again. After clean, you can service him with your lips and tongue again. Lastly, with woman on top position, put the attractive stick into your warm juicy hole. (That’s why we use baby oil on the last stage).

New Year Eve

So, How is your New Year celebration? countdown at Bkt Bintang? 1U? the curve? at Home ?
On the new year eve I went shopping at Sunway Piramid. Not much decoration and there are lots of foreign. Everywhere everycorner..

I celebrate New Year Eve with these ... yessssssss

Drink until drunk !!!!!!!

No la..I wont drunk like last year..definitely not repeating the same mistake.

This year I spend a peaceful & silent night with my bf. Prepared home made dinner & have dvd marathon till the fireworks being shot into the sky.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 & wish everyone have a new fresh start.