Poem From Admirer

Meet this guy last week when dancing at Flam, Sunway. Take a pic with him and exchange contact no. Everday I got a poem from this admirer.

Monday POeM

Monday has a last name, a name associated with colour
It is blue, the color of the sky..

Many people including myself find Monday such a unpleasant person
although it has not done any harm to me

So is it the right moment to think carefully if we had done anyone injustice
injustice that the person do not deserve

Begin to like Monday and the people around you more than usual
you will find the experience rewarding

nb: I will call you few days later.. early of the month tends to be busy.


Tuesday PoEm

"Tuesday is a nobody... seldom people mentioned about her..
too common to be heard of ..."

"Many of us choose to be a Tuesday... Being in the lime light all the time could be tiring...
rest our mind to be ourself..."

"I am not a Tuesday... though I choose to be one sometime..
roll up the sleeves to enjoy a day with friends..."

"Many Tuesday(s) are around us all the time... do we see them?
get to know them... who knows what they can offer?"


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