As I Move Along

Year goes by & I am getting older. As I move along, I have gains alot experience whether in life, job or love.
There happy, sad & tough time all along the year. Yr 2006, I have ended my first job after 2 yrs and landed with new job, as a fresh employee. All start from zero again. Life is getting no way, but looking forward for my future prospect by restructuring my plan to gain experience and hoping to get a better job with good salary range & better benefits.
Hereby I need to thanks to one of my long time blog supporter. I need to thanks to 2 people for giving me a love life. Remember, how we spend the sleepless night, limteh la then drive to genting at midnite, talk crap while having coffee & cheesecake outside starbucks after casino section. Even pay a visit to my hse with those fruits...lolx. And the CH trip, was really fun ! from there come out the gang name..I still remember one geh...
I believe everyone have been through up & down, happy & sad moment through the year. In my dictonary there is no such word as 'eternally' but I believe in faith. Faith & trust bring humans taogther. Love is just another things to beautify life. Money is more meaning and health is much much more important. I begin love Yoga..hatha yoga, astanga yoga & yogalates are my favourite. Hope tone up & have a better wellness in new year.
Have a good sleep and tomorrow just another day to begin a new journey.

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