Happy New Year Peeps !!

I wish everyone Happy New Year and of course WORLD PEACE !!
few days more before come to the end of 2008. Coming new year 2009 with new wishes and goals

I want to earn more $$$
I want to become more & more lenglui =.="
I want to practise more healthy diet
I want to learn to make spanish & italian dishes
I want to learn dancing
I want to continue practise yoga

to be continue...now back to work...sianzzzz

I love her sexy look & her curlss...andrea fonseka

In the memory of my dearest

Flash back to the time she just a baby ~ cute little 1..as time goes by, she gave birth to 3 little babies. She past away today peacefully and we will miss u. Rest in peace.Amen

p/s giv me 4D pls in my dream

Missing Shower Cap !!!

I can't find any shower cap ...so....* paiseh nyer!!!!!!!!!
by da way, is homemade hair mask..Honey & Olive oil