Talking to iGod

Me: arlo ~~
God: The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about . Try being more or less specific.
Me: rubbish
God: That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were talking about arlo.
Me: wat the fck
God: Try expression yourself another way.
Me: sweet potato ~
God: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
Me: shut up
God: OK I'll stop talking now.
Me: good
God: Terminating connection.
Me: sayornara
God: What do you really want to ask me?
Me: how is yr sex life ?
God: Fine as far as I know.
Me: how many times u orgasm
God: Suppose I said not once.
Me: sad..not even once
God: Oh. What is it to you.
Are you using Netscape or Explorer?
Me: i am using vibrator
God: How long have you been using it ?
Me: cant tell u
God: Can what?
Me: can fck
God: I often wonder if it can.
Me: it can
God: How?
Me: u try use the fake ass
God: Interesting gossip: said I try use the fake ass.
Me: yes u should
God: Er. I'll take that under advisement.
Me: how often u get a blow job?
God: Hourly.
Me: hourly..tat's really impressing
God: Are you still located in ?
God: Are you still located in ?
Me: noooooooo
God: Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
Me: i am goin to fck now
God: Right now? I don't know anyone named goin to fck.
Me: fuck
God: Please don't be so rude.
Me: have sex
God: I am having a blast.
Me: enjoy then

gosh..they are so good looking

A Moment to Remember

Jung Woo Sung


Seducing Mr Perfect

Today I think I am kind of desperate or these men are too good looking. 1st movie to recommend is 'A Moment to Remember' sad, touching love movie by Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin. Is was so sweet to see the lover cuddle, play, whisper and talk each others. The story is about a young lady attack by Alzheimer's Disease, where she tend to forgot his husband and family. She met him because of her forgetfulness and she left him because her forgetfulness as well. Yet his husband not giving up on her. The story was touching and was else, of course I cried too. Btw, at the same time I've noticed he have a great body and strong. Hmm..same goes to Daniel Henney in 'Seducing My Perfect ', which is a funny love drama. He act in 'My lovely Sam Soon' if you noticed. Am sure, it will feel great to get a hug from these hunk. Seducing enough.

Ah Mei Cafe

So far besides, roti prata from ABC Food court in Queenway. This is the best prata I get nearby my place. Ah Mei Cafe located at AMK Hub Malls. I will drop by once or twice a week to have prata, nasi lemak or nasi berayani. Quite numbers of ppl during peak hours.You may need to wait for seats. The nasi lemak quite okie but don have boiled egg ~~ Nvrmd. Go back KL, I will eat lotsa nasi lemak + sotong / ayam for my breakfast or teatime.

Merry xmas & Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone. celebrate with ur love one and may god bless u all.
Guess is my xmas gift tis year..OMG ! Never in my life thinking to own such 'bulu bulu' pillow !! Juz not my cup of tea.Totally unexpected gift of the year.Thank to my darling ~ and now my room look so dam pinkish, girlish .... *sweating
For xmas & new year 2007, I do bought myself a little gift, NIKE sport shoes. Xmas sales in SG is great and our wallet bleed hard :(

Happily shopping in Bugis, Orchard, VivoCity, Suntec,AMK Hub, etc. Is a chance to grab cheap stuffs for coming Chinese New Year. This is the 3rd year I celebrate xmas with my darling. 1st year in KL, totally drunk and sitting beside drain (*vomitting) while 2nd year, celebrated in Penang and this year in Singapore. After xmas, if time to celebrate new year, then another big day coming soon (*hint ~ehem) Orchard Road
Anyone need this for xmas eve ? a little excitement mayb? or to cure loneliness
Busy in fitting room @ Ang Mo Kio Mall

Grandma Siew Hong

Is really upset me see this mail. When I see those old folk, some even have minor disability but still have to work for living, I feel really pity for them. Where the hell is their son/daughter go?

See this grandma, pity her. His son is such a jerk and her wife. What kind of human are they? I wonder his wife can take his son as a husband. Such a bastard. Ok. If they don want to stay togather with their old folk, at least give them monthly expenses so they would not have to earn for living. These kid really gonna get it one day when they have own child. Dont know how many ppl 'kutuk' her son already. Old man advise 'there is karma, u will get the it one day they way u treat ur parent'.

Funny incident

Well, back from KL last week. Done with my 3 hr facial , 1hr+ hair treatment, shopping and eating. Now back SG work like dog again. Oh..I managed to get the book ' Good In Bed' by Jennifer Weiner. Currently busy read ' In Her Shoes' also by Jennifer Weiner. Quite interesting story.

Well, the book titled Good In Bed sound kinky isnt it. Well, I can tell u is not true. I was taking Eltabina bus from KL - SG on sunday nite and the guy his mid 30+ or near 40 yrs old kua.. was seat next to me. Taking his 1st bus to SG to Changi Airport for his Beijing business trip. He find my book sound kinky. So, we talk rubbish..blah blah n exchange name card. Well, not many ppl know wat the heck is my job description. Basically, I am migration consultant for payroll outsourcing. Go google and search yrself. I've explain many times to alot ppl already..tired leh ~_~". I can feel he was something something toward me from they way he talk and he can use his hand to tap my arm la, hand la.. juz like we are so close.. (u wanna mati izzit !!!)

Continue my story, so I reached SG past 11.30pm and take taxi to home. Then around 12+ am, I got this call from the guy i met in the bus, so he miss his flight and gonna stay a nite in SG. Blah blah blah, so he ask me out for dinner. Ok.

So, I decide to meet him at Takashimaya, Orchard Rd. Blah blah blah, as usual guy do gif compliment. By the way, i didnt do any makeup and my hair is messy and tired af working hr. I juz wearing my white coat, white heels with black pantyhole. He was suggesting eat at his seafod by the seaside..romantic kononnya..but he dunno where is the place and i also i bring him go eat at Sushi Tei at Takashimaya. Just nearby, no need go so far. Eat eat eat ~ my salmon slice, tasty otopuss etc. So after dinner, where to since it just 7pm+. and then he ask me where i like to go..of course Orchard leh..duh..
Again, he wanna go to some where near to sea or river....gosh... I told him nothing special bout SG river or the seaview watever, he jus mentioned goin with diff person will have diff feeling..arr...this triggered me I said..let go to Isetan ! I need to buy M.A.C cream eyeliner wauhahahaaha..potong his stim ~~ so blah blah blah...all the time I purposely didnt mentioned whether am single or wat. So, when the time is ready, I juz simply said tat I plan to go holiday with my bf soon. fuh~~ potong stim again... then wait no more longer, I said I wanna go home...byeee~~, nice to meet u !!

So after tat nite, he never call me again ~~ wauhahaha...he is the innocent guy I ever meet..simple guy with his working shirt and spec. he is quite old mature for me, juz not my cup of tea..sorry if i make him misunderstood..btw, for those still remember , I saw this my ex college mate, Andrew. Small little boy with heavy english accent, mat saleh dress code..i saw him went to SG and another in Bouno Vista Mrt. After many years, he still the same boy..

Book Hunting

Status - Book Hunting
Author - Jennifer Weiner
Preference - 2nd hand book ( Singapore or KL)

My new toy

5 Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass

Finally, I manage to get myself this lovely mini brush set which come with medium clutch bag of woven cream/gold metallic thread fabric with a royal crown detail on ivory moulded plastic frame and also a mini colour lip gloss. Exclusive from M.A.C

What cloroform use for?

From dearest Giga..

i use it to stick persplex too.

by right, cloroform not meant to be sold to public.
shops wont simply sell to you if u want it.
i know becos after my bottle of cloroform finished i went to hardware shops to buy.
gettin lotsa mix reaction when u mention cloroform.

HardwareSHop No1,
Owner: Yes, what are u looking for lengchai?
Me: im looking for cloroform
Owner: Cloroform ah? (the muka oredi satu macam) what line of work are u in?
you need it for what?
Me: i work in an architect firm, i need it to stick persplex.. for model making.
Owner: Can i see your IC or staff tag?
Me: No staff tag, IC no problem.
halfway taking out my wallet ..
Owner: Sorry la, kennot sell to you.
Me: .... *wtf*

HardwareShop No2,
Me: Hi, im looking for cloroform.
O: Do you have a license?
Me: har?? what license? car license?
O: u have to have a special license to buy this kind of stuff.
Me: yameh? last time i bought nearby my college, the uncle never ask for anything also..
O: sorry cant simply sell to ppl

Signage shop,
M: can u spare me a small bottle of cloroform i need it to stick persplex
the hardware shops around this area wont sell it to me.
O: haha, sorry boy only for company usage, kennot sell
M: steady abit lar uncle, half bottle also can la.
O: no selling, go somewhere else.

HardwareShop no3, got two aunties n 1 form3 muimuichai manning the shop.
Aunty1: yes lengchai?
M:im looking for cloroform.
Aunty1: cloroform.. whats that?*looks at aunty2* do we have cloroform?
Aunty2: for what use wan ah?
M: i use it to stick persplex
Aunty2: we dont have it why not stick with superglue.
M: stick with glue the finishing not so nice, if dont have nemind, thanks anyway.
suddenly the mumuichai who was doin her homework begin to speak...
MMC: cloroform? hmm that wan use to make ppl faint wan right?
AhYee(refering aunty1) that day in that movie, the gangster use the cloroform on the hankerchief
then faint the girl n rape her. i remember its called CLOROFORM!!
both the aunties start advising me..
Aunty1: wahh young man, u not bad looking plz dont do that kind of thing.
Aunty2: properly find a girlfren, do bad things got karma wan.
Me: ekhmm.. aunties im absolutely not a rapist although i look rough n have waist-length hair ok?
im using it to stick persplex for model making. You know those house n building models?
Aunty1:Ohhh, its used for making mini houses. now we know..
Aunty2:good if its use in the right manner. nowadays so many rape case, those girls really pity...bla bla bla
Me: Ok.. byebye aunties.

In the end i went back to the regular shop and the uncle sold me a small bottle for RM3.

i still have half bottle left n would happily use it on lamely, wang, emperor n the rest of the lamers,
dump them in a gay bar n let them feel for real their fantasies :P


Donut~donut~Everyone is crazy for it. Last 2 week I was queue for about 15mins at Dognut Factory, Novena Sq and I quit is time to go up the bus (SG-KL). Fine, so I went to this Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and saw a huge group of ppl line up for donut also. So, without wasting I queue as well. After 40mins, I managed to get one dozen of donut and go home. fuh ~

Eventually, the donut are sweet but the bread are soft. Stored it well to make sure it not exposed to open air for long time as this will harden the bread. They are quite pricey. Good for those sweet lovers. Next round I will try Big Apple Donut (the curve/pavilion). Total damage = RM20 + (1 dozen)


Extra dinner

While cely busy making her salad for dinner yday, I also busy preparing my homemade mee.Yea..The dishes are overload and I know this gonna make me fat..but don care 1st..I was desperate to eat instant mee. (~.~)! Fei sei ngor la !
Ingredient : Instant Har Mee, Prawn, Pork Ball, 1/2 Egg Taufu,Chicken,Choy Sam, Boiled Egg, Sambal paste, fried onion & chili padi for extra spicy taste
Calories: xxxx !!!

Soy Milk

I noticed Singaporean likes soya beans / soy milk alot. You can find 'Mr Bean' outlet every place in Singapore. I found this drink at Science Hub Food Court near my office. Can you find it in Msia??

Claypot Crab/Prawn Rice

When back to KL during deepavali holiday and went to this quite famous place. Resturant Siu Siu (near Tin Hao Gung Temple). They do have branch at Sg Besi. The claypot rice come in 1 standard size which can be served for 3-4ppl. Is quite pricey. crab claypot only costRm48 with just one crab on top, but the rice is quite tasty. The char siu & fried pig stomach cost RM30 are specially create for pork lover~ sorry i am not, and i felt this dish quite oily & heavy. We also order salty taufu soup & 4 season beans. The restaurant located on the 1st junction once u turn left from Jln Syed Putra (junction to Tin Hao GungTemple)

Today & About Ah Beng

My finger is in pain. I left my mouse at home & whole day i need to use this G-Spot Red spot. "Y don you ask yr IT to borrow one mouse?"
I did ask but currently no mouse available. haihhhhhhhhhh~ sorry for slow work progress today la...
Cely borrow me a book today titled "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson.
Do you alwiz overact and take this too seriously? Personally, I think is quite tiring to be perfectionist.
Work seriously when there is a need. try to be patient, listen to others, be a good listener and open yr
heart to accept others weakness.
Make PEACE with Imperfection.Don make your life difficult by being a perfectionist.
This book generally reveals way to reduce stressful life. By making small change in your daily life will help you in a long run.
I read it in MRT, coz it take me 40 mins to reached my destined station.

One of the chapter title "Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your Basket, Won't be empty"
I found one sentence quite suits to current ppl - 'Sadly, I've seen many ppl who put off their loved ones so long that the loved one lose interest
in maintaining the relationship.'
Don't empty your basket, as there alwiz to do list to complete. Try to spice up you & yr partner life with suprises.
Myself, it have been 2yrs + I'm in relationship. Time pass really fast.
It is true to admit, things will get slow once reached the certain level. Small issue will led to misunderstanding, thus i lose dunno how many litre of tears
Open talk will eventually help to solve alot problem.
My darling so called 'Ahbeng' is a responsible & generous person. His attitude towards work is good and helpful, thus his ex-boss hestitate to let him go to other job. They still keep contact and his boss so helpful,
and eventually, when there is good oportunity, he will the 1st time to recommend.
Ah beng is a small talk person, eventually he alwiz lose to his sweetheart, who alwiz bubble and talk non stop in front of him..
ehem..not to said I very 'ji jar la' ..i can adjust my tone to loud. As older daugther in a family, i need to be 'garang' abit in front of my sisters & bro.
Ah beng very sayang his sweetheart. Alwiz want to feed her eat (this make me growing fat arrr) so she wont feel hungry.
Ah beng also very understanding, and let his sweetheart do wat she want, even let her go oversea works. He will come to visit her frequently although he is busy so his sweetheart won't feel lonely & ji mor nan nai ~ ;P

The best things is, ah beng can cook & do hse keeping, so his sweetheart can rest..wahhahaha.. I can retired from doin hsework & cooking
Of course, we must be fair and divide the work equally :)
We try hard to maintain the relationship strong as we could. Thanks to my darling and muaxx~


Error ! Error ! Isk.
Seem like everything I can't do it here.
Can't access to Data folder, okie..this settle aldy with ITS ppl.
Wanna restore the lastest backup and do testing, af tat I can't login aldy. my guessing coz the create my user name using the current database, once i restore old backup, my username gone. iskk
Wanna purge & mainti program also got problem. Give me this kind of hassle.
And finally, settle. All due to limited access..In KL I got access as administrator lehhhhh...
anyway, to9 gonna go Orchard shopping with Cely...5.30pm cabut !

The Maid

As usual Lynn was cleaning the bedroom suite daily for a 5 star hotel in town. This week the suite was booked by a regular
customer, an oversea business man, Mr A. Dam filthy rich middle age man. After gym, Mr A. head to Bouvelard Room 333 while Lynn do the hsekeeping.
He head to bathroom straight away.

Inside Lynn mind. " he looks great..hmm" and without thinking much, she continue her work.
Mr A took off his all cloths and lying in the bath tub. Relaxing with bubble bath.
The bathroom door was half way close.
Suddenly he hear footstep walking in towards,still with his eye close pretending did not know anything.
"wat a good assest he have!" Lynn smile to herself. "I better finish up my work before he come out" and she walk away from the bathroom door.
While she busy doing her job, suddenly she feel a cold touch on the shoulder and slowly slide into her dress, careless her breast. She was shock and did not know wat to do. Shout for help or wat?!?! Before she could scream for help, she aldy melt coz it was so comfortable and thus her blood starts to flow faster, making she forgot initially wat she need to do.
She gaps and he squeezed her breast hard.He was practically kneading her breasts and she loved it.
He kiss and suck her breast.
He lie on the bed and Lynn get on top, massaging her pussy against his thigh, masturbating herself. Practically, he can feel her juice dripping onto his thigh. Her pussy was wet and slippery. Soon he start to finger fuck her.
She begin to grab his balls and slowly massaging his cock.His cock already hard and glistening with pre-cum.
She take it to into my mouth and suck it hard. Gasps"ohh.great job babe" He was moaning.
So good then he dip his cockhead in an inch from her warm juicy .
He didn't expect her to use my legs and pull him close and grip him tight so that he couldn't escape.
Past the point of no-return, he sank deep inside her pussy and started thrusting.
Then they fucked doggystyle. He slammed her hard. He was moaning and so do her.
After roaming for 10mins, he was on top on Lynn and fuck her nicely. " fuck me hard.
I like your cock. hmm..yummy...soon he moan out loud and cum on her body.
He said "That's was greatest fuck I ever had since my married"
Lynn get dress up and walk out of the room finishing her hsekeeping of the day.

------- ok..get back to work!! stop yr imagination.sorry, harsh & simple language being used. -----------

Fck Off Those Jerk

I was dam freakin free in da office this week. Can catch flies aldy.
Anyway,I am so hardworking (acting busy) when my mgr around.
Thanks God, she was busy with her project & of course
my big boss know that am I free but nothing he can do coz
the project have not start yet. Be ready in 2 week time.
So, I got time to read online newspaper & I came through this news again, about Nurin's death.
After so long, still have not captured the murderer. Let's see how long tis fcuker can hide.
I "let long my pair of eye" & wait the day he sent to the hell
Seeing those children cry & frigtened by these fcuker, I feel so sympathy. Such a small decent & innocent child.
Once captured these fcuker, must cincang his 'little mister', then pulled his fingers nail, toe nail, and cut Botak!
then sebat 20 kali and then add some spice & salt..enough ! let him rest n dried to dead.
The Star

My Room

This is my room

Just to update abit on my current home. A common room, sharing a flat with Cely and HongKiat Actually, this is kid room, tat's y so colorful. Just a simple room.



My next Target

oI know it abit outdated, but still useful for daily usage. I am not an IT toy freaks, so I think this is enough for me. Plus now is cheap. only RM259 / $129.

Sony Walkman (MP3)

Clear audio technologies 30H Playback Direct USB
Lines Color LCD (4GB)
Clear audio technologies (Clear StereoClear Bass)
Small size & Glossy Colors
0h Playback 3min charge 3h play
Full charge for 1 hour
Lines Color LCD Display
Time Date
Direct USB(USB2.0)
VPT Acoustic engine 5 Band Equalizer
Blind operation concept
Multi Codec (ATRAC MP3 WMA AACL-PCM) : ATRAC Advanced Lossless is not supported
FM Tuner

Added Features
"3-Minute Charge & 3 Hour Play" High Speed Charge
Built-in USB jack
FM Tuner Function
30H playback with Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
3 Lines Color LCD Display
SonicStage CP
Windows® Vista supported Supplied Accessories
Head Phones: MDR-E804LP(Black or white)
SonicStage CP Windows

The worst time in a day

after lunch from 2pm - arrrrrr !!!

Uncle Lim died

Condolence to uncle lim family. May u rest in peace. Open another Genting in another world, bring some entertaintment to 'them'~

Another day

After travel in a such long hr so freakin tired. Today, was a very windy day. My plan was to get back home asap to get rest. After work, as usual head to bus stop to take bus to mrt, a surprise today..the bus driver was a young guy..good looking..y such a young bus driver? Eventually, my tired was half melt away.. ^_^

Travelling long hr in mrt is very very boring. Without ~ 883 jia FM~, I probably sleeping in the mrt. One things alwiz happen, is think of you, especially when I have to watch other people hug or kissin in mrt~Wish u were next to me everyday, but I am not selfish person. Travelling alone will only make myself more independant and to adapt any diff situation. For me & you, distance factor just another test, and communication will help to build stronger relationship.

Watch too much hentai ??

Too much influence or isit he living in fantasy world.

Japan's self-styled 'prince' jailed for sex slavery

TOKYO, Oct 19, 2007 (AFP) - A Japanese court sentenced a self-described 'prince' to 14 years in prison on Friday for chaining a teenage girl with a dog collar for months and assaulting other women in a sadistic fantasy. Yasuyoshi Kobayashi, 26, the son of a wealthy family who sports groomed long hair, was convicted of raping four women after confining them at his home or hotels where he demanded they call him 'master' or 'the prince.'

Kobayashi flipped through novels for young girls during his trial and appeared as self-absorbed as ever at his sentencing, showing up in a white suit with a red turtle-neck sweater, media reports said.

The crime was extremely evil-natured... as he attempted to make them do as he pleases and deprive them of freedom,' Tokyo District Court Judge Toru Takahashi ruled, as quoted by the Yomiuri Shimbun?s online edition.

Kobayashi met the four women, aged 17 to 23, on the Internet or at public events. He confined and assaulted them, threatening to harm their families if they left, the court ruled.
Kobayashi, who was arrested in May 2005 after one of his traumatised victims escaped and came forward to police, contended that the women had voluntarily stayed with him.
'I?ve been in the world of sadomasochism for more than a decade. It?s impossible for me to do something my partner dislikes as that goes against the principles of S&M,' he earlier testified to the court, as quoted by media.

Kobayashi chained the teenage girl with a dog collar, repeatedly raping her and assaulting her in an ordeal he photographed with his mobile telephone.
Local media said after Kobayashi?s arrest that police had confiscated from him more than 1,000 sadomasochistic sex video games, adult comics, schoolgirl uniforms and chains, along with numerous books on depression.

Dumb or innocent

I was reading newspaper today, and I found this article. Still got such innocent ppl after all the cheating news being spread all over the place harrr. I am not sure whether I wanna pity the victim or wat. Is she a dumb, stupid or innocent. How could she believe such celaka medium & meet at hotel room. Lucky enough the medium juz place his finger and not his dick into her private part. The medium eventually dam happy, he got to practise his typical "treatment". one hand in the victim private part, mouth mumbling while the other hand keep stroking his dick. Siok hor..wait kena tangkap, siok sendiri in prison...i think the suspect muz be ah pek... hmm

GEORGE TOWN: A 21-year-old wet market trader was shocked when a medium put his finger into her private parts during a ritual to rid herself of bad luck.
The woman thought the process was part of the treatment and, therefore, she kept quiet until it was over.
She became suspicious when he asked for RM250 payment and told her to return the following week to continue the treatment.
She returned home and told her boyfriend what had happened and she lodged a report at the Tanjung Tokong police station. It is learnt the victim met the medium, believed to be in his 50s, at the Air Itam wet market recently.
The medium, who is also a trader at the market, told her she needed to get rid of her misfortune if she wanted to be married. She agreed to undergo the ritual and was told to meet the man at a hotel in Tanjung Tokong on Tuesday.
In the hotel room, the suspect asked her to undress and he put his finger in her private parts.
The case has been classified as outraging of modesty under Section 354 of the Penal Code. Police have yet to detain the medium in connection with the incident.

Comparators in the Study

The table below lists the organizations, whose data was included in the study. These organizations include firms in the Management Consulting, IT Consulting, HR Consulting, and other leading names in general industry. If got chance, try to learn Oracle, SAP system, more valuable in market.

Comparators in Malaysia
Accenture Solutions Sdn Bhd
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
EDS Malaysia
Hewitt Associates
IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Innovation Associates Sdn Bhd
Maxis Communications Berhad
Morse Consulting Sdn Bhd
RHB Bank Berhad
SAP Malaysia
Scope International
Shell Malaysia
Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Sun Microsystems

Comparators in Singapore
Accenture Pte Ltd
Atos Origin
BEA Systems
CSC Computer Sciences Pte Ltd
DBS Bank
EDS International (S) Pte Ltd
Hewitt Associates
Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd
IBM Singapore Pte Ltd
Mercer HR Consulting
NCS Pte Ltd
SCS Limited
StarHub Ltd
Sun Microsystems

Si beh sien dam blardy sien..lunch tapao, dinner tapao all makan sendiri..luckily enough I've breakfast at hotel. Monday trip - bus to buona vista terminal, walk n transfer bus cross the road to Science park. Total trip 1hr. Nite, took mrt to Orchard, walk up & down searching for plaza singapore..dammit..cant find it..take mrt to Douby G. then I found it. Survey for phone line and then tapao back to hotel for dinner. My leg gonna kill me..F*kin shit~

Tues- much better. Get myself a line at OUB Center and walk around. Bought a skirt. hohoho Trying to get back by bus @ Raffles place..walk walk walk..cant find the rite bus-stop..suen ba la..take mrt to chinatown, tapao and then take bus to rivervalley rd.walk to Hotel from there..10pm dinner time & gastric pain af tat..another f*kin moment..

Wed-tapao lunch. Gonna go for medical checkup later for my EP. Need to back to hotel early and rest.

Wish it was friday. Why I like Friday ?
I can go back KL and eat the food I my darling. See my babies and of course limteh with my frens. Nite life and got kaki..

Singapore 1st week

King Size Bed with 24 hr free internet,mini bar

Bookend Room in Gallery Hotel, Robertson Quay

My dinner - Mixed Grain Rice with vege & Smoked chicken - $3.20 (from Plaza Singapore)