The Maid

As usual Lynn was cleaning the bedroom suite daily for a 5 star hotel in town. This week the suite was booked by a regular
customer, an oversea business man, Mr A. Dam filthy rich middle age man. After gym, Mr A. head to Bouvelard Room 333 while Lynn do the hsekeeping.
He head to bathroom straight away.

Inside Lynn mind. " he looks great..hmm" and without thinking much, she continue her work.
Mr A took off his all cloths and lying in the bath tub. Relaxing with bubble bath.
The bathroom door was half way close.
Suddenly he hear footstep walking in towards,still with his eye close pretending did not know anything.
"wat a good assest he have!" Lynn smile to herself. "I better finish up my work before he come out" and she walk away from the bathroom door.
While she busy doing her job, suddenly she feel a cold touch on the shoulder and slowly slide into her dress, careless her breast. She was shock and did not know wat to do. Shout for help or wat?!?! Before she could scream for help, she aldy melt coz it was so comfortable and thus her blood starts to flow faster, making she forgot initially wat she need to do.
She gaps and he squeezed her breast hard.He was practically kneading her breasts and she loved it.
He kiss and suck her breast.
He lie on the bed and Lynn get on top, massaging her pussy against his thigh, masturbating herself. Practically, he can feel her juice dripping onto his thigh. Her pussy was wet and slippery. Soon he start to finger fuck her.
She begin to grab his balls and slowly massaging his cock.His cock already hard and glistening with pre-cum.
She take it to into my mouth and suck it hard. Gasps"ohh.great job babe" He was moaning.
So good then he dip his cockhead in an inch from her warm juicy .
He didn't expect her to use my legs and pull him close and grip him tight so that he couldn't escape.
Past the point of no-return, he sank deep inside her pussy and started thrusting.
Then they fucked doggystyle. He slammed her hard. He was moaning and so do her.
After roaming for 10mins, he was on top on Lynn and fuck her nicely. " fuck me hard.
I like your cock. hmm..yummy...soon he moan out loud and cum on her body.
He said "That's was greatest fuck I ever had since my married"
Lynn get dress up and walk out of the room finishing her hsekeeping of the day.

------- ok..get back to work!! stop yr imagination.sorry, harsh & simple language being used. -----------

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kaninchen_of_mersey said...

so is she all hairy or clean shaven..?