Si beh sien dam blardy sien..lunch tapao, dinner tapao all makan sendiri..luckily enough I've breakfast at hotel. Monday trip - bus to buona vista terminal, walk n transfer bus cross the road to Science park. Total trip 1hr. Nite, took mrt to Orchard, walk up & down searching for plaza singapore..dammit..cant find it..take mrt to Douby G. then I found it. Survey for phone line and then tapao back to hotel for dinner. My leg gonna kill me..F*kin shit~

Tues- much better. Get myself a line at OUB Center and walk around. Bought a skirt. hohoho Trying to get back by bus @ Raffles place..walk walk walk..cant find the rite bus-stop..suen ba la..take mrt to chinatown, tapao and then take bus to rivervalley rd.walk to Hotel from there..10pm dinner time & gastric pain af tat..another f*kin moment..

Wed-tapao lunch. Gonna go for medical checkup later for my EP. Need to back to hotel early and rest.

Wish it was friday. Why I like Friday ?
I can go back KL and eat the food I my darling. See my babies and of course limteh with my frens. Nite life and got kaki..


Cely said...

Soon, u wont have to be boring.. u got us :)

We can 'tapao' together.. hahaha

She's Jess said...

Hey, mind me something unrelated here?

How did you managed to lose so much weight? I've tried so many ways but just couldn't....

vync said...

tapao and eat..=.=
soon u pindah house..u can cook ur need tapao lo..kakaka

mars said...

do exercise, eat steam vege & lean meat..less rice & carbo..
actually i lose 3kg within this 2 mth..I also dunno y..i didny go gym for about 5 mth..