Another day

After travel in a such long hr so freakin tired. Today, was a very windy day. My plan was to get back home asap to get rest. After work, as usual head to bus stop to take bus to mrt, a surprise today..the bus driver was a young guy..good looking..y such a young bus driver? Eventually, my tired was half melt away.. ^_^

Travelling long hr in mrt is very very boring. Without ~ 883 jia FM~, I probably sleeping in the mrt. One things alwiz happen, is think of you, especially when I have to watch other people hug or kissin in mrt~Wish u were next to me everyday, but I am not selfish person. Travelling alone will only make myself more independant and to adapt any diff situation. For me & you, distance factor just another test, and communication will help to build stronger relationship.

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