Book Hunting

Status - Book Hunting
Author - Jennifer Weiner
Preference - 2nd hand book ( Singapore or KL)

My new toy

5 Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass

Finally, I manage to get myself this lovely mini brush set which come with medium clutch bag of woven cream/gold metallic thread fabric with a royal crown detail on ivory moulded plastic frame and also a mini colour lip gloss. Exclusive from M.A.C

What cloroform use for?

From dearest Giga..

i use it to stick persplex too.

by right, cloroform not meant to be sold to public.
shops wont simply sell to you if u want it.
i know becos after my bottle of cloroform finished i went to hardware shops to buy.
gettin lotsa mix reaction when u mention cloroform.

HardwareSHop No1,
Owner: Yes, what are u looking for lengchai?
Me: im looking for cloroform
Owner: Cloroform ah? (the muka oredi satu macam) what line of work are u in?
you need it for what?
Me: i work in an architect firm, i need it to stick persplex.. for model making.
Owner: Can i see your IC or staff tag?
Me: No staff tag, IC no problem.
halfway taking out my wallet ..
Owner: Sorry la, kennot sell to you.
Me: .... *wtf*

HardwareShop No2,
Me: Hi, im looking for cloroform.
O: Do you have a license?
Me: har?? what license? car license?
O: u have to have a special license to buy this kind of stuff.
Me: yameh? last time i bought nearby my college, the uncle never ask for anything also..
O: sorry cant simply sell to ppl

Signage shop,
M: can u spare me a small bottle of cloroform i need it to stick persplex
the hardware shops around this area wont sell it to me.
O: haha, sorry boy only for company usage, kennot sell
M: steady abit lar uncle, half bottle also can la.
O: no selling, go somewhere else.

HardwareShop no3, got two aunties n 1 form3 muimuichai manning the shop.
Aunty1: yes lengchai?
M:im looking for cloroform.
Aunty1: cloroform.. whats that?*looks at aunty2* do we have cloroform?
Aunty2: for what use wan ah?
M: i use it to stick persplex
Aunty2: we dont have it why not stick with superglue.
M: stick with glue the finishing not so nice, if dont have nemind, thanks anyway.
suddenly the mumuichai who was doin her homework begin to speak...
MMC: cloroform? hmm that wan use to make ppl faint wan right?
AhYee(refering aunty1) that day in that movie, the gangster use the cloroform on the hankerchief
then faint the girl n rape her. i remember its called CLOROFORM!!
both the aunties start advising me..
Aunty1: wahh young man, u not bad looking plz dont do that kind of thing.
Aunty2: properly find a girlfren, do bad things got karma wan.
Me: ekhmm.. aunties im absolutely not a rapist although i look rough n have waist-length hair ok?
im using it to stick persplex for model making. You know those house n building models?
Aunty1:Ohhh, its used for making mini houses. now we know..
Aunty2:good if its use in the right manner. nowadays so many rape case, those girls really pity...bla bla bla
Me: Ok.. byebye aunties.

In the end i went back to the regular shop and the uncle sold me a small bottle for RM3.

i still have half bottle left n would happily use it on lamely, wang, emperor n the rest of the lamers,
dump them in a gay bar n let them feel for real their fantasies :P


Donut~donut~Everyone is crazy for it. Last 2 week I was queue for about 15mins at Dognut Factory, Novena Sq and I quit is time to go up the bus (SG-KL). Fine, so I went to this Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and saw a huge group of ppl line up for donut also. So, without wasting I queue as well. After 40mins, I managed to get one dozen of donut and go home. fuh ~

Eventually, the donut are sweet but the bread are soft. Stored it well to make sure it not exposed to open air for long time as this will harden the bread. They are quite pricey. Good for those sweet lovers. Next round I will try Big Apple Donut (the curve/pavilion). Total damage = RM20 + (1 dozen)


Extra dinner

While cely busy making her salad for dinner yday, I also busy preparing my homemade mee.Yea..The dishes are overload and I know this gonna make me fat..but don care 1st..I was desperate to eat instant mee. (~.~)! Fei sei ngor la !
Ingredient : Instant Har Mee, Prawn, Pork Ball, 1/2 Egg Taufu,Chicken,Choy Sam, Boiled Egg, Sambal paste, fried onion & chili padi for extra spicy taste
Calories: xxxx !!!

Soy Milk

I noticed Singaporean likes soya beans / soy milk alot. You can find 'Mr Bean' outlet every place in Singapore. I found this drink at Science Hub Food Court near my office. Can you find it in Msia??

Claypot Crab/Prawn Rice

When back to KL during deepavali holiday and went to this quite famous place. Resturant Siu Siu (near Tin Hao Gung Temple). They do have branch at Sg Besi. The claypot rice come in 1 standard size which can be served for 3-4ppl. Is quite pricey. crab claypot only costRm48 with just one crab on top, but the rice is quite tasty. The char siu & fried pig stomach cost RM30 are specially create for pork lover~ sorry i am not, and i felt this dish quite oily & heavy. We also order salty taufu soup & 4 season beans. The restaurant located on the 1st junction once u turn left from Jln Syed Putra (junction to Tin Hao GungTemple)

Today & About Ah Beng

My finger is in pain. I left my mouse at home & whole day i need to use this G-Spot Red spot. "Y don you ask yr IT to borrow one mouse?"
I did ask but currently no mouse available. haihhhhhhhhhh~ sorry for slow work progress today la...
Cely borrow me a book today titled "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson.
Do you alwiz overact and take this too seriously? Personally, I think is quite tiring to be perfectionist.
Work seriously when there is a need. try to be patient, listen to others, be a good listener and open yr
heart to accept others weakness.
Make PEACE with Imperfection.Don make your life difficult by being a perfectionist.
This book generally reveals way to reduce stressful life. By making small change in your daily life will help you in a long run.
I read it in MRT, coz it take me 40 mins to reached my destined station.

One of the chapter title "Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your Basket, Won't be empty"
I found one sentence quite suits to current ppl - 'Sadly, I've seen many ppl who put off their loved ones so long that the loved one lose interest
in maintaining the relationship.'
Don't empty your basket, as there alwiz to do list to complete. Try to spice up you & yr partner life with suprises.
Myself, it have been 2yrs + I'm in relationship. Time pass really fast.
It is true to admit, things will get slow once reached the certain level. Small issue will led to misunderstanding, thus i lose dunno how many litre of tears
Open talk will eventually help to solve alot problem.
My darling so called 'Ahbeng' is a responsible & generous person. His attitude towards work is good and helpful, thus his ex-boss hestitate to let him go to other job. They still keep contact and his boss so helpful,
and eventually, when there is good oportunity, he will the 1st time to recommend.
Ah beng is a small talk person, eventually he alwiz lose to his sweetheart, who alwiz bubble and talk non stop in front of him..
ehem..not to said I very 'ji jar la' ..i can adjust my tone to loud. As older daugther in a family, i need to be 'garang' abit in front of my sisters & bro.
Ah beng very sayang his sweetheart. Alwiz want to feed her eat (this make me growing fat arrr) so she wont feel hungry.
Ah beng also very understanding, and let his sweetheart do wat she want, even let her go oversea works. He will come to visit her frequently although he is busy so his sweetheart won't feel lonely & ji mor nan nai ~ ;P

The best things is, ah beng can cook & do hse keeping, so his sweetheart can rest..wahhahaha.. I can retired from doin hsework & cooking
Of course, we must be fair and divide the work equally :)
We try hard to maintain the relationship strong as we could. Thanks to my darling and muaxx~


Error ! Error ! Isk.
Seem like everything I can't do it here.
Can't access to Data folder, okie..this settle aldy with ITS ppl.
Wanna restore the lastest backup and do testing, af tat I can't login aldy. my guessing coz the create my user name using the current database, once i restore old backup, my username gone. iskk
Wanna purge & mainti program also got problem. Give me this kind of hassle.
And finally, settle. All due to limited access..In KL I got access as administrator lehhhhh...
anyway, to9 gonna go Orchard shopping with Cely...5.30pm cabut !