What cloroform use for?

From dearest Giga..

i use it to stick persplex too.

by right, cloroform not meant to be sold to public.
shops wont simply sell to you if u want it.
i know becos after my bottle of cloroform finished i went to hardware shops to buy.
gettin lotsa mix reaction when u mention cloroform.

HardwareSHop No1,
Owner: Yes, what are u looking for lengchai?
Me: im looking for cloroform
Owner: Cloroform ah? (the muka oredi satu macam) what line of work are u in?
you need it for what?
Me: i work in an architect firm, i need it to stick persplex.. for model making.
Owner: Can i see your IC or staff tag?
Me: No staff tag, IC no problem.
halfway taking out my wallet ..
Owner: Sorry la, kennot sell to you.
Me: .... *wtf*

HardwareShop No2,
Me: Hi, im looking for cloroform.
O: Do you have a license?
Me: har?? what license? car license?
O: u have to have a special license to buy this kind of stuff.
Me: yameh? last time i bought nearby my college, the uncle never ask for anything also..
O: sorry cant simply sell to ppl

Signage shop,
M: can u spare me a small bottle of cloroform i need it to stick persplex
the hardware shops around this area wont sell it to me.
O: haha, sorry boy only for company usage, kennot sell
M: steady abit lar uncle, half bottle also can la.
O: no selling, go somewhere else.

HardwareShop no3, got two aunties n 1 form3 muimuichai manning the shop.
Aunty1: yes lengchai?
M:im looking for cloroform.
Aunty1: cloroform.. whats that?*looks at aunty2* do we have cloroform?
Aunty2: for what use wan ah?
M: i use it to stick persplex
Aunty2: we dont have it why not stick with superglue.
M: stick with glue the finishing not so nice, if dont have nemind, thanks anyway.
suddenly the mumuichai who was doin her homework begin to speak...
MMC: cloroform? hmm that wan use to make ppl faint wan right?
AhYee(refering aunty1) that day in that movie, the gangster use the cloroform on the hankerchief
then faint the girl n rape her. i remember its called CLOROFORM!!
both the aunties start advising me..
Aunty1: wahh young man, u not bad looking plz dont do that kind of thing.
Aunty2: properly find a girlfren, do bad things got karma wan.
Me: ekhmm.. aunties im absolutely not a rapist although i look rough n have waist-length hair ok?
im using it to stick persplex for model making. You know those house n building models?
Aunty1:Ohhh, its used for making mini houses. now we know..
Aunty2:good if its use in the right manner. nowadays so many rape case, those girls really pity...bla bla bla
Me: Ok.. byebye aunties.

In the end i went back to the regular shop and the uncle sold me a small bottle for RM3.

i still have half bottle left n would happily use it on lamely, wang, emperor n the rest of the lamers,
dump them in a gay bar n let them feel for real their fantasies :P

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