Trip to Sg Chiling

Weekend trip to Sg Chiling, Kuala Kubu Bahru. Approx 1hr+ drive from KL. We took Sprint Highway from PJ--> Rawang --> Serendah --> Kuala Kubu Bharu. From Kuala Kubu, we took the main road as there is only 1 way in to Sg Chiling.
The journey took approx 1hr & 30 mins depending on the speed. Advice, bring walking sticks, wear water proof sandals (ie. Croc sandals), extra cloths and sunblock. The journey is quite fun and you need to follow the right track (just follow left where the water come from) and you will be doing fine.
We reached the waterfall before noon. The place was small and the water is cool. By 1pm, the place is crowded. Is best to go early if you want to enjoy peaceful scenery.

When I was young

When I was young, during my college & Uni ..dam I really miss my study life ! I think everyone does have the same feeling. As we grow older, we meet different ppl on the road and we have lesser friends. When we meet now, we only can laugh back for all the stupid things we do when we are young. Sweet & sour memory locked inside our heart.

How about secret lover? Every girl will have gone through tip level. Dam paiseh when I think back now. I really like my senior and even write to him to express my feeling towards him. But too bad, no reply >.< Anyway, life move on. Now, I got my piggy who willing to take care of me although I am fat & old. muhahaha

During college year

Xmas in London

With my classmate in London

London Tube

The chubby gal is me !!


Can do all things through him ~Who strengthens me