Soul Searching

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I am reading this book now

Just Do It

Read through one of the blog today, somehow it makes me think some ppl will eventually take the hardest step in their relationship either go or let go.
You maybe happily marriage with children but in the end, is that the real happiness you want.You will think twice after watch Eat Pray Love by Julia Roberts.

Every day you’ll get stronger and discover who you are and what you really want in a partner. Staying in a relationship when you are too young stops you from growing in some ways and hinders you becoming who you really are.
High school sweetheart or couple in relationship for 10years. I believe there is no more sparks and they just like the boring couple at home and sex eventually will become dull and bored. No offence to all the couple outthere. I have read some forum, where some of the couple and even husband complaint on their boring marriage and sex life.Of course there are some end with good ending. Happily ever after.

There’s no point in settling only to regret it for the rest of your life, sometimes the comfort and familiarity becomes overwhelming and you forget what else is out there.

Go out and do what you like to do before it too late to regret.

Everyone ♥♥♥ Gadgets

 mic's hand kacau~
I need to get new DSLR.Canon 550D or Nikon ND7000 ..
Which one better and value for money ?

♥Perfect Wedding ♥

I want to watch this !! my idol Miriam &  Lam Fung ♥♥♥♥

Human Distance

I learned something today. There is 4 kind of space between humans.The notion of personal space comes from Edward T. Hall

Public distance -360cm onward. 
Social distance - between120cm - 360cm. 
Personal distance - Between 45cm - 120cm.
Intimate distance - from 45cm to 0cm distance between 2 person. This kind of space often happen between couple or family.

Sunny Day

It is extremely hot and sunny outthere. My skin is in bad condition
I wouldn't want to go out at all otherwise I be back with sweat.


Finall got my gown after try on various type of gown. My gown is simple type but behind the tail is long and huge. I probably need to wear a can-can. I feel tired after try so many gown.
Will go for alteration next month and collect 1 week after tat..just about time 11 days before my photo-shot.

Hopefully will not gain weight la.
I bought my wedding gown from D'Glitters @ Plaza Damaz. Overall the service is good and the price I think is ok but the design is limited if compare to bridal shop. But they are having promotion 40% discount for all gown. I still can sell off my gown after I use it with discount as well, so it is not too bad compare to gown renting.

What Life is All About

Eat  Pray Love ~ can't wait to watch tis meaningful movie

So details

Holy shit ! I think am become more and more details in preparing for the D-day. But of course within budget limitation.
From choosing gown to photographer, ideas, card design, card printing, website,restaurant booking, flowers, gifts, car decoration and etc.
Gown choosing, from satin to lace then to chiffon. The lightest the better, easier for me to move around. I want to try a different style other from the ordinary gown. This is the most difficult part. I need choose either buy from the rack or custom made which I need to wait for mins 3 weeks. Price, quality and sell back option is taking into consideration. Dam !

I want red daisy or fuchsia/pink tulips for my hand bouquet. I want a red/yellow flat shoes as well.
What else I need...hmm

Wish me luck.