Perfect White Dates

I alwiz love white color. It is plain yet it can made someone look stunning. I personally have alots white cloths.
Perfect date item checklist

1.Partner - You need a partner, not so perfect but a good companion to go with otherwise you will end up bored looking at his beauty face only.I read a lot of love story, how sweet they are no matter how many years they've been through. Then you are one of the lucky couple. Some couple are still in honeymoon period.missing each other desperately everyday, hardly apart and well what else..have sex like no 2mlw la ! For couple dated more than 3, 5 or have yr partner all the time and you may get used to it. Doin the same things every weekend..haihz. So get a good & understanding partner is important.

2.Quiet & decent restaurant - Don choose McD or KFC pls...beh tahan with the smell.. & no durian for me pls..

3.Outfit - I was browing some designer site and saw M elvin Lam site. I was attracted to few of his dress. Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have Roman-inspired type of gown.I alwiz have this kind of mindset.Roman ladies are just so sexy & powerful in someway (sorry..I guess I watch too much cleopatra :P)

Design by Melvin Lam

4.Perfect WHITE TEETH of course !! You wouldn't want to scared of your partner with a yellowish teeth when you try to smile.
Just took a quiz @ Darlie - All Shite White'Which White Are You?' and the result is...


Went to Restaurant Golden Dragonboat last saturday for relative wedding dinner. The rest have big hall & nicely arrange tableseats. Approx 90+ tables at that nite. Food so Decoration..simply..MC..dam..his name is Ben Ngan...memang Bangan...noisy n keep repeating the same words... Parking is less and we have to park opposite road open parking. RM3 per entry.

Weekend Outing

On day way to Pavilion.


Eat Eat Eat

Location - Selayang


I want to bake my own cupcakes but unfortunately I do not have an OVEN!!!
When can I have 1???? ..No need buy FAGOR brand or wat..just Panasonic will do..all-in-one..microwave + grill + oven...

Flickr user Cik Kiah
paid tribute to the two major celebrity deaths this week in cupcake form.