Go Home

1 more working day !! then I be going home sweet home !!

sianz..I'm thinking to change new environment soon. puke blood. sabar saba !! for few month more. (5mth ? 6mth ? 7 mth?) dunno la...wait once I get new one, I will quit. *Nigu, hope to hear good news from yr side ya !!

Tuesday - another harsh day in da office

3 more days to go and I be home~ forget all my work stress

Initially I have draft my blog today tis morning..after meeting I decide to write something else.

My big big boss (GS) ask me to help in doing some research for business development purposes since the BD person left last week. Just a short project 2-3 week time, and since I'm quite free for this 2 week, y not I help out and do something new. And who's know, I mayb like to explore in BD work.So, my big boss (KH) saw me meeting with another side team and wonder what the meeting all about.

I told him lor, (GS) ask me to help out on BD stuff and from here, I know I'm gonna be in deep shit. He start asking me, do I finish my work as my mgr schedule, tis la tat la, blah blah blah.
Abothen, of course I am done.
my big boss obviously doesnt like me to involve but I aldy agree.So boh bian lor..So, next time must ask him 1st lor..Ok sir !!

summary - am not in a good mood today. y work have to be so stressful, so tense isk ! I didnt bring my gym cloths so other choice to release is eat ! I am gonna make myself dinner and blast my ear with my mp3 !!

Listening to Fergie - Clumsy now ~

Prepare for cny

Weekend just passed by so fast and darling back to KL liao..will see him af CNY..about half a month later coz he'll back to hometown next week. gonna miss him..nvrmind, I can go 'foya-foya' and do some girlish thingy..hahhaha

Yeayea~finally got myself a new pair of cloths for CNY. Red halter top and a denim mini skirts from Fox.Co. and of course this month a new pair of black heels from Charles & Keith again. No other brands suitable for my dam huge leg size. *sweats

By da way, be going back to KL on 2 Feb..coutdown - 5 more days to go...Got lotsa time to go shoppping and pamper myself before CNY ~facial, pedicure, manicure, shopping, hse cleaning, buy new bra, new panties... new year new luck.... Wishing who celebrate chinese new year - Gong Xi Fatt Chai ~

Tribute to Heath Ledger

deeply my heart, pay tribute to Heath Ledger who skyrocketed to global fame with his Oscar-nominated role in Brokenback Mountain. I saw him first in '10 things I hate about you', following other his film~ clonclusion..he is a great actor with bright future ~ somehow, he's gone forever.

missing something

~You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen Dancing Queen,
feel the beat from the tambourine oh yaaa
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
Ooo.. see that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen ~
What you do if you given a chance to go back to yr teen time ? I really miss my youth time. Feel like missing something..I should do while am young..but somehow can't..Thinking back now, I really miss out lotsa of things. I should be a party girl, party like nobdybusiness and work hard at the same time to earn some extra income. Now too old to do all those stuff, very tiring and no more stamina to compete with youngster.
arrghh...i wanna go clubbin ~.~"

wat a day~

normally I will check my office mail over the wekend, particularly on sunday. So that I can prepare for coming Monday. Yday nite, saw email from mgr A to mgr B fly all over and I know today I gonna kiap in the middle.MRT broke down in one of the station, therefore lotsa ppl take alternative route.

a guy standing in front of me in mrt, while i am sitting. I notice he didnt zip his pants! He wearing jeans neh..tight one..but too bad, mayb he got small spring pocket & dick..I dont see one big bulkly stuff down there and my mind think ' he muz be too thin and his stick muz be really ehem...hohooho

reached Jurong east interchange, dam really lotsa compare to normal day. being push inside mrt and kiap like sardine early in da morning.ok..nvrmnd..

so, reach bouna vista stn and gonna cross over the bridge and rush to take bus to office. Fck man..dunno wat happen, my leg slip and I fell down..Pokai..
luckly enough only last 2 step to the end. otherwise, sure twisted my ankle. only hurt my knee..wuuuuwuu

so, reached office i prepared myself to face the war today. boh chap la..see A & B..and I stick in the middle. A don want talk to B.really si beh sianz la..so I the one need to talk to A&B and initiated a discussion.self proctect, do not take all responbility by yrself so if anything happen u wont be the one person to be blame.be clear on wat u is ur job scope one more important point ~ act stupid in front of boss when needed.

phuket or krabi

am having this crazy mood today..but aldy blur by end of the day.Been suft net for few hour surveying on resort in Krabi today.. Phuket or Krabi?? Phuket mayb too commercialize and lotsa of ah gua & hooker around. Krabi still an ideal place for quiet holiday.

anyway, am heading to gym later.got appointment with my trainer. prepare to be paralyze 2mlw. ~ muscle pain..
oh..did i tell u..i weight myself last 2 day..and the result is 53kg !!! mayb due to bloated stomach coz of period??!?!? watever dammit..gonna diet again.

anyway, time to take off and go lepak ~ is friday and i am all alone . fck**

Getting Old another year

I am back to SG to work again after few day leave. As usual, back to KL to do list:-

  • few hours in hair salon
  • few hours in facial centre
  • Bought my skincare item (Clinique superdefense moisturizer, moisture surge, lip balm) ~.~!!

and this week, a little extra..celebrated my 26th b'day, simple & peaceful. My special gift of this year ? A SEIKO watch from my darling. Thanks muaxx muaxx. I never expected expensive gift from anyone, not even my darling coz I want you to save $$. So, work hard now and save for future ya~ I definetely will cherish him and hope we can celebrate togather in coming many many years. ehmm btw am waiting for that shining 1 carat thingy(*paisehnyerr). Sound desperate har..hahahaha.

Thanks to GGL for da b'day gift and a quick lunch. We went to Chilis in BSC for lunch, me, GGL & KY. Deng la, all of us have late breakfast, and we can't take our lunch. So we juz have simple meal. Triple Play & A Nancho~


My family..(* Elice - 2nd sister, you faster come back, then we can take photo again..lolx) By the way, my hair is superflat. Rebonding effect. ~.~" Not to forgot, I celebrate with my jimuis at Shogun, eat until my stomach wanna burst. Really old liao, cannot take buffet already. Too much to eat. After dinner, we went to Laundry to have 2 litre of Blue Magarita..my fav..supersiok drink.

Shirley & Nicole. (if they see this pic, sure kill me..one busy sms, one calling the waiter)

Today Suprise

Received a suprise today. A little bundle of Lilies on the reception desk for me to collect. An early b'day & valentine wishing..From my secret admirer :) Will post the real pic soon. Last yr also, received bouquet of sunflower from secret admirer, now he is my fren. This year, little suprise from my KL secret admirer ( actually, my darling trying to suprise me by becoming my secret admirer & once I saw the messages on the card..i know it u) Thank you..muaxx

Description of Trumpet Lily :-You never knew such bliss till you met her. Her unassuming nature makes you want to bare your heart, creating a bond that can only grow and grow. These pearly white trumpet lilies magically translate your profound feelings and demonstrate how dearly you're attached to her.

Wish List

As usual by this time of the year~ January, I will list down my wish list. Item nice to have~

  • Perfume - The Beach(Anna Sui), Miracle or Hypnose (Lancome), Green Apple (DKNY)
  • Skin care - Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer SPF 25 - Dry Combination, Hydration Mask
  • Hand/body care - Hand/Body Lotion by L'OCCITANE , Body butter from Body Shop
  • Beauty treatment - Hair salon, French pedicure & manicure package
  • Camera - T20/T70 (Pink/Black) from Sony, Ixus 860 (silver) from Canon
  • SEIKO Watch (Criteria-Women from Miriam Yeung)
  • Cash of course

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year 2008 !!
Well, is time to start new year resolution. Have you started yours?

my list for the year
  1. Get rid of my fat ass, tone & firm up. Live in healthy & fit condition.
    My Weight History
    Yr2005 - 68k (yea..tis time u call me fat ass, fei poh, 3pat or watever. Frankly speaking, don tell me u don mind wat ppl said ! I do. I care how ppl look at me.)
    Yr2006 - 58kg (In the mid losing weight and mayb power of love, gains few kg)
    Yr2007 - 52kg (10kg of fat & 40+ kg of muscle) BMI great and do not need hardcore cardio exercise according to my trainer.
    Yr2008 --> target50kg !!! and my height (166cm).
  2. Changing myself to be better and be more realistic, mature and pretty of course :P
  3. Get my hse key and start renovation by mid of the year.
  4. Get involve myself in investment $$$
  5. Career improvement. Promotion or job jumping mayb (to get more $$$)
  6. Mid of the year, bikini suntan in Phuket. Most wanted hotel - Access Resort - Resort by the Pool
  7. Get myself a gift of the year - SEIKO watch
  8. ehem..Tide the knot end of the year ??!? ~.~"
  9. Save enough to get my own car (Nissan Latio mayb) *cross finger i would not shops frequently.