wat a day~

normally I will check my office mail over the wekend, particularly on sunday. So that I can prepare for coming Monday. Yday nite, saw email from mgr A to mgr B fly all over and I know today I gonna kiap in the middle.MRT broke down in one of the station, therefore lotsa ppl take alternative route.

a guy standing in front of me in mrt, while i am sitting. I notice he didnt zip his pants! He wearing jeans neh..tight one..but too bad, mayb he got small spring pocket & dick..I dont see one big bulkly stuff down there and my mind think ' he muz be too thin and his stick muz be really ehem...hohooho

reached Jurong east interchange, dam really lotsa compare to normal day. being push inside mrt and kiap like sardine early in da morning.ok..nvrmnd..

so, reach bouna vista stn and gonna cross over the bridge and rush to take bus to office. Fck man..dunno wat happen, my leg slip and I fell down..Pokai..
luckly enough only last 2 step to the end. otherwise, sure twisted my ankle. only hurt my knee..wuuuuwuu

so, reached office i prepared myself to face the war today. boh chap la..see A & B..and I stick in the middle. A don want talk to B.really si beh sianz la..so I the one need to talk to A&B and initiated a discussion.self proctect, do not take all responbility by yrself so if anything happen u wont be the one person to be blame.be clear on wat u is ur job scope one more important point ~ act stupid in front of boss when needed.

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