Prepare for cny

Weekend just passed by so fast and darling back to KL liao..will see him af CNY..about half a month later coz he'll back to hometown next week. gonna miss him..nvrmind, I can go 'foya-foya' and do some girlish thingy..hahhaha

Yeayea~finally got myself a new pair of cloths for CNY. Red halter top and a denim mini skirts from Fox.Co. and of course this month a new pair of black heels from Charles & Keith again. No other brands suitable for my dam huge leg size. *sweats

By da way, be going back to KL on 2 Feb..coutdown - 5 more days to go...Got lotsa time to go shoppping and pamper myself before CNY ~facial, pedicure, manicure, shopping, hse cleaning, buy new bra, new panties... new year new luck.... Wishing who celebrate chinese new year - Gong Xi Fatt Chai ~

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