Getting Old another year

I am back to SG to work again after few day leave. As usual, back to KL to do list:-

  • few hours in hair salon
  • few hours in facial centre
  • Bought my skincare item (Clinique superdefense moisturizer, moisture surge, lip balm) ~.~!!

and this week, a little extra..celebrated my 26th b'day, simple & peaceful. My special gift of this year ? A SEIKO watch from my darling. Thanks muaxx muaxx. I never expected expensive gift from anyone, not even my darling coz I want you to save $$. So, work hard now and save for future ya~ I definetely will cherish him and hope we can celebrate togather in coming many many years. ehmm btw am waiting for that shining 1 carat thingy(*paisehnyerr). Sound desperate har..hahahaha.

Thanks to GGL for da b'day gift and a quick lunch. We went to Chilis in BSC for lunch, me, GGL & KY. Deng la, all of us have late breakfast, and we can't take our lunch. So we juz have simple meal. Triple Play & A Nancho~


My family..(* Elice - 2nd sister, you faster come back, then we can take photo again..lolx) By the way, my hair is superflat. Rebonding effect. ~.~" Not to forgot, I celebrate with my jimuis at Shogun, eat until my stomach wanna burst. Really old liao, cannot take buffet already. Too much to eat. After dinner, we went to Laundry to have 2 litre of Blue fav..supersiok drink.

Shirley & Nicole. (if they see this pic, sure kill busy sms, one calling the waiter)

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