New Year Resolution

Happy New Year 2008 !!
Well, is time to start new year resolution. Have you started yours?

my list for the year
  1. Get rid of my fat ass, tone & firm up. Live in healthy & fit condition.
    My Weight History
    Yr2005 - 68k (yea..tis time u call me fat ass, fei poh, 3pat or watever. Frankly speaking, don tell me u don mind wat ppl said ! I do. I care how ppl look at me.)
    Yr2006 - 58kg (In the mid losing weight and mayb power of love, gains few kg)
    Yr2007 - 52kg (10kg of fat & 40+ kg of muscle) BMI great and do not need hardcore cardio exercise according to my trainer.
    Yr2008 --> target50kg !!! and my height (166cm).
  2. Changing myself to be better and be more realistic, mature and pretty of course :P
  3. Get my hse key and start renovation by mid of the year.
  4. Get involve myself in investment $$$
  5. Career improvement. Promotion or job jumping mayb (to get more $$$)
  6. Mid of the year, bikini suntan in Phuket. Most wanted hotel - Access Resort - Resort by the Pool
  7. Get myself a gift of the year - SEIKO watch
  8. ehem..Tide the knot end of the year ??!? ~.~"
  9. Save enough to get my own car (Nissan Latio mayb) *cross finger i would not shops frequently.

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