Tuesday - another harsh day in da office

3 more days to go and I be home~ forget all my work stress

Initially I have draft my blog today tis morning..after meeting I decide to write something else.

My big big boss (GS) ask me to help in doing some research for business development purposes since the BD person left last week. Just a short project 2-3 week time, and since I'm quite free for this 2 week, y not I help out and do something new. And who's know, I mayb like to explore in BD work.So, my big boss (KH) saw me meeting with another side team and wonder what the meeting all about.

I told him lor, (GS) ask me to help out on BD stuff and from here, I know I'm gonna be in deep shit. He start asking me, do I finish my work as my mgr schedule, tis la tat la, blah blah blah.
Abothen, of course I am done.
my big boss obviously doesnt like me to involve but I aldy agree.So boh bian lor..So, next time must ask him 1st lor..Ok sir !!

summary - am not in a good mood today. y work have to be so stressful, so tense isk ! I didnt bring my gym cloths so other choice to release is eat ! I am gonna make myself dinner and blast my ear with my mp3 !!

Listening to Fergie - Clumsy now ~

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