Peaceful saturday

Today just a peaceful day for me..mum went to Penang early in the morning. Woke up at 8.30am..can't sleep coz too hungry already. Normal routine - clean myself & make carrot juice..before went out I had a soba noodles.

Head to the Cres, Bangsar for a body detox massage. Today, Chelly do the massage & body wrap for dam hot & i sweat alot water out... 'sui jung lar me' aisk...
after 1hr 30mins...done..have a shower and wait for Joe (assistant manager). Have a chat with her..arr..she gonna resigned soon..but we will keep in touch..She is a nice & pretty ger..Juz a year older than me. Chat with her for a while..our common conversation, the topic was about one of my fren. Even Joe can noticed there is something wrong.She advice and ask me alots..wats actually happened.She told me something that I think is true.there is still something..hahahaha..Wats the funny part is everyone in the centre said tat he jap tou wor! wahhahahaa...Joe told me alot points standing there..she is so right...anyway, me n my fren still good fren..thanks to Joe. I will try to get in Korean Air as well, If SIA dowan me... Emirates will come to next.

After tat, went rounding in Bangsar..looking for food to dam blady juz drive to Menara John Hancock, my gym was there..have a glass of strawberry smoothies and enter Mellissa body jam class...

Another fun drunked nite

Yday was the last night we gather togather at May's house since she is leaving Malaysia today. After work, we head to her house to have farewell party. Just few close jimuis. We have nice & light dinner. Chit chat & drink.

Same as what happened last weekend..again we open bottle. Chivas, red wine & beer. sigh...most of use get drunk & puke like shit ! By 1am..almost all wing wing dei liao ~
Reached home by 2am..rush to toilet & puke kao kao ! adoi

Just another fun nite...gonna miss her alot. Hopefully I get my job & have a chance to visit her in London.

Coz of lazyness to wake up early in the morning plus drunk & sleep late at night, I decice to take leave today ! yahOoooo.. Slept till 9am in the morning and then go online. Chat with a friend. Luckily he remind me to go and take MC. and I do it ! hehehe..

Went to have lunch with some friends and visit their office. The weather today is dam blady hot. fuh..just another good day. Back at home early, and started to rain heavily. Chat online again ~ one fren mood was very down, reason for being sad might because of love..I don know excatly wat happened..but hopefully everything will turn good for him. He's a cute and friendly boy. Glad to have this friend. Cheer up dude ! U got a cute & nice smile !

Fun day & Drunken nite

That was a cool & fun day out. I went for the water raftling in Gopeng, Perak
with my frens & their colleagues. Dam hell, we got to wake up at 4.30-5am !
The journey was so fun & the weather was so dam blady hot.

11ppls for one trip. The water raftling in the river took about 2 ++ hours.
The funny part is where the boat I was in overturn when we try to go
through the big rock and I was breathless for about 2mins coz
I was stuck between the boat & the rock underneath the water.
Luckily my fren realise and pull me up. hhahahahaa

Later in the evening we head to Sungkai for the sake
hotspring and shower. In the end, we went for hotspirng
jazucci. Back to KL, before all went back to home, we head to
Finnegan pub, Hartamas for a beer and chat. The games wasn't
so challenging but the day out was so fun and I meet alots new
frens and gains new experience.
(Thanks to Dolly, Ester,Catherine,Seng Hong, Andy, Bryan,
Norman,Nick and tracy for the fun day )

The day wasn't end so quickly. Later at 10pm, I went for a
drinking section with my jimui and frens in Orange.
We order a bottle of Chivas and the funny part was,
we order alot snacks (not to mention is was free) and
the worst part was only the gers finished up the snacks so
dam fast.hahahaa

We play card and those who lost drink. Chat and play games
all the nite. I was drunk coz I drank alots for the sake of fun.
My stomach was not feelin so well, so I head to toilet & puke !!
& we took alot pictures. Cely, me Jaeve,Shuen Ting & May took alot
pic wit stupid acts ! tats was so fun~

Later around 2am, head to Safiz mamak for drink and supper.
I was so drunk & sleepy. Only manage to drink a hot milo..
Food will only make me puke . On the way back, in the car
I think twice before I make my decision. I did not want my
parent to see my drunken face so I stay overnite at one of my
old fren hse. Hahahahhaa Lukily he does not have any objection
I believe he won't mind also geh. Who's care..I
was so dam sleepy..juz need a nice sleep only.
pshh..I sleept in guess room this time. don think too much

At his house, I am so dam blur and strainght to bed.
But dammit I woke up so early around 8.30am !
For godnesss sake, wat I need to do wake up so early.
So I went back to sleep for 1 hour and wake up.
His house was empty coz his parents went to overseas,
his maid back to hometown and left only he & his bro.
While I was reading newspaper in living room,
his bro & gf saw me again. Not much conversation.
Hehehe. I jus realise that his bro was so funny.
Singing in the bathroom so loud coz he didnt realise
I was in the house. wahahhahahh

Group Pic

More pictures at


A local production, Sepet. The movie isn't perfect but the acting, especially by the leads, was totally convincing. A chinese vcds seller, Jason fall in love with a well educated Malay girl, Orked. Love at first sight, I guess.
I like the way Orked called Jason "Sayang" & "Sweetheart". That was so sweet & romantic..So many scene has made me cried hard.

A scene where Jason asked Orked "How long did it take you to fall in love with me?"
"A minutes" while Jason said " Much less than that" ..

I do believe that to fall in love with someone its depends to individual. Some people fall in love after getting to know each other more. To have someone besides you, so that we call rely to each other, to love, to care and to hold each other when fell lonely. Sleep next to the one you love, really could make the world so dam beautiful & bring a sweet smile even when you are asleep. Don ask me why, don ask me how I know..ask yourself..duh...

The last scene was so touching, where Orked leaving to UK for further study while Jason ride his motorbike rushin to airport. Bad thing happen. Sad sad ~

This is the letter Jason wrote to Orked. I love the phrase they wrote. It was so meaningful.

"I was so panic...couldnt even sleep....
but then the panic will go away everytime I saw ur face or just heard your voice
I used to write poetry, coz to me it just like writting letter to god
to tell someone I couldnt see how I felt inside
then finally God replied the poetry will sound more beautiful than everything else, he gave me you
Orked, you are my poetry
from, ur sayang Jason...

Ohh..god..this is so sweet. This is why I love to write poem so much. To sound out everything that keep inside. A Local movie that you should watch.

Nite with an old fren

Friday nite & I was rushing my work..raining outside...8pm finished back to KL from Cyberjaya....dark & cold nite outside..blardy Seremban Highway jam all the way from Sri Petaling ...ppl rushing then only jam...*wtf

already promise to meet at emily's lou kong plc by 9...& I am still in Sungai Besi tat time..alamak...late...postponed timing to 9.30pm...luckily enough KL not jam...Jam was from bulatan Kg Pandan/Jln Tun Razak..

Rushin back to my hse..take some vcds..all those romance & sad story..wahhaha..for my jimui.. meet emily & seem like May havent reach went to Kepong & have light dinner. By 10.30..we went to May hse & both of us went to Sri Hartamas Coffee Bean to hav some drink & chat..on the way meet sui poh Berry Jeh ! long time no see....hehehe...gonna have some plan this saturday~

Ger talk
latest gossip
UK & Msia Life
Lonely & single ppl as both of us - one word "sien"
wanted to look for someone but god! where the hell those guy gone to...or already taken by ppl..sigh

chat chat till 1am..cabut Coffee bean workers starting to clean up...
anyway, Thanks to May Cheah for the souvenior & fun nite out ~ gonna miss her when she back to UK working..& me muz gambateh ~ looking for a job in Singapore ..muz work hard for $$$ while we are still single...

*the end

One fine morning

While on the way to work this morning, we (both my coll & me) was listening to Bon Jovi cds. Come to this song, It's My Life..suddenly I felt the lyrics was quite interesting.

"This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud "

Edited poem

It's my life
It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live the way I am
My heart is like an open highway
Don know where to go
Don know where to stop
With no place to go
No place to go

So I just did it my way
I'm tryin to keep my cool
I'm tryin' to be perfect
Cause I know
Someday somewhere I will stop
Someone will stop me

Till then
I sing a toast to the midnight sky
Thanks god I finally found u

*yawn...someone pls wake me up

Crazy nite

Its one of the crazy nite I've encounter so far wit my jimuis & my close fren. I never been to club with them before coz they don really enjoy it besides drinkin ..duh ~

After the luxury dinner wit may & all, we head to Cristo for a again..which I don really like, only drank a bottle. By 1am..some already gone home, left 12 ppl and we head Breakers but all the table are fully booked. So next is to DragonBar.It is my first time in Dragonbar and I found it pretty small & the sound system is not good.

But who's care..I ran down wit Fib and dance on the stage....I feel my head is spinning fast...phew...At the same time I dirty dance with a stranger..The funny part was I can't remember who did hug me as my frens ask me... who?? who ?? Where got wor!...All I remember was I did quick dance with a totally yeung sui guy..luckily the light was dim ~ if not.. ~.~!!! waste all my food & wine that I had on that nite.

But apart from the crazy dance, everything seem fine & abit bored. The dinner was divided into 2 table, not much talk between the two table except few ppl. The drinking section also a boring case coz each has own disscusion. The hot gossip of the nite among us was about Gil & Fib. The broke up news was spread so fast. We did noticed that both of them was totally diff. Both have less encounter & talk. Question arised and many of them ask each other..wat's happening coz the last yumchar section, the hot gossip was me & Rol..but today seem diff...blur face appear among them...hehehe..Btw,quite a fun nite.

The funny & nonsense thing is, most of them think Fib & Rol, coz both of them talk more like couple and thought both of them were dating. hahahaha...we all know both of them well..
But frankly speaking, some weird feelin burst out and I don like he with her. No way he will choose her. Not to said I am bad or wat. We all knew both of them for many years...wat kind of ger Fib is as well as sui chai Rol...hey! I know tat I am not a perfect person, but I'll continue learning........Btw, if Rol fell for other girl, I will feel glad and very happy for him but totally not Fib. Y? don ask me why? ask others heheheh...(wing wing dei) ^O^ * by pussy silly mars

Welcome back to KL , our May Cheah !!

Wow...finally she's back from UK. She was the last one to come back among 8 of us, who went to London for further studies. She been working there for about more than 6 months..become 'futt poh' lor !!
So glad she's back..Huhuhuhu...This Fri & Sat will be big gathering! can't wait for tat..


Just finished the whole set of Kimura san's movie PRIDE. Kimura is the captain and star player of an ice hockey team (Blue Scorpion ) Win! win !Win !
Kimura (Halu) meet Yuko (Aki) and from there love blossom begin. Kimura look so young and his smile alwiz so sweet. Yuko look so pretty. Look closer! Her skin, eyes, lips, nose and her hair is perfect! Another wonderful drama by Kimura !

Funny romance drama

Full House (Korean)

Starring: Bi(Rain) as Lee Young Jae, Song Hye Gyo as Han Ji Eun, Kang Hae Won as Han Eun Jung and Kim Sung Soo as Yu Min HyukThis

A funny and romantic drama. The story plot was very nice.This romantic drama was all based on a Korean fav comic called.... Well..... Full House

On the screen, Bi and Song Hye Gyo made a very fun-loving couple that couldn't stop getting at each other's throats. Every time they wanted to say something nice to each other they ended up saying things completely opposite to what they really meant!

Throughout this drama, they continually quarrel with each other because of their stubborn selves....Han Ji Eun had lost her parents at a young age and was living in the house that her father had built and that she had been living in all her life. Because of her "friends" she is given the opportunity to go to China. This seemed innocent enough, but really, her friends had gotten themselves in a financial crisis, so they felt that after they got her out of the country they could sell her house and pay them off. Not knowing this, Ji Eun goes to China and ends up not having a place to stay. She goes to the hotel - her friends claimed to have gotten her a room - and finds that they had not gotten a room for her.

Fortunately she runs into Yu Min Hyuk and is given a room.Meanwhile... Lee Young Jea is a famous rising star in Korea that has a real attitude problem. He is given a film role that is located in China and goes there to fulfill this task. While in the airplane he is put in the seat next to Ji Eun. There they get acquainted...

After Ji Eun gets home she finds that all her stuff has been taken out and that someone new was moving in. In rage she goes to find her friends, but is unsuccessful. After this she goes back to the house to find that the person who had moved in was none other than Lee Young Jea.

Because Ji Eun did not have a place to go Young Jea lets her stay on one condition... She had to be his housemaid.This is what brings me to the other details. While they live together they begin to develop feelings towards each other but to try to avoid them they begin to fight and find ways of insulting each other.

There are many, many more details that I have not told you yet... *winkz* Young Jea and Ji Eun get married so you have to watch it to find out.Overall this was a very interesting drama on its own and if I hadn't read the comic I would have given it 5 stars because it truly is very well made.

Is true that love need time to grow and we have to appreciate all the efforts that we put into one relationship. No points if there is only one side love and you woudn't know how much hurt deep inside to love someone that does not care as much as you care for them. This drama have a lovely ending. At last Bi know that he love her so much and start to learn how to love and care his darling. OOohh..gosh..wat a wonderful man!

Check out the dress & accessories Song Hye Kyo wearing. Very nice & colorful!

If you love someone, you'd protect them, right? ...I want to protect you Young-jae. -- Han Ji-eunIt's possible she wouldn't know how lovely she is. I love this woman. I wish to protect her from the hurt, from the pain. To take care of her always... -- Lee Young-jae

Furry furry !!!

Last few nite, I guess..while I am on my msn..chatting & surfing in KKL. Pollux, one of my old friend pm usual.." Hi toro" ...I saw his avatar & wondering wat the heck is tat ! green furry thingy. At first i thought I was a wallet but then poll told me not. Arrhh..If tat was a wallet, for sure I will get it. Green colour is most wanted for this season. Spring ! Am currently hunting for green thingy from cloths to bag ~ hehehehehe...

Actually that was a self make notebook cover. Cool ! Pollux ! Still waiting for your dinner ! After you get your car, I wanna be the 1st passengger !! can !??! Hahahahaa..jk jk ..Check this out gals !

Peom Of The Day

You are friendly, kind and caring
Sensitive, loyal and understanding
Humorous, fun, secure and true
Always there... yes that's you.
Special, accepting, exciting and wise
Truthful and helpful, with honest blue eyes
Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright
Yes that's you... not one bit of spite.
You're one of a kind, different from others
Generous, charming, but not one that smothers
Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game
But not just another... in the long chain.
Appreciative, warm and precious like gold
Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old
You'll always be there, I know that is true
I'll always be here... always for you.-

Written and owned by Angela Lee Hillsley -

DreamLover come rescue me ~

Dreamlover by Mariah Carey

As usual routine for saturday, I went to gym at
Menara John Honcock. Right before I step into
the gym, I saw Melissa (the body jam instructor)
at the coffee hse listening to her iPod while practising
few new steps. I really enjoy her class although can't pick
up the step..due to my low IQ.

After I had my dinner at home, coz I have no

where to go, so I went online.
Really have no interest to go anyway. No mood.
Surf through KKL and saw Maggee aka XmasGurl
blog titled Pat BB & Mag Ney.

Is her love journey. I felt she was so lucky to meet

someone. Is all about how she meet him & how the
love develop since then. As reading her blog, it remind
me of something sweet that happened sometimes ago.
Wish I meet someone sweet, rich bachelor (muahahhahaha)
who cares & love me. I believe relationship does not
happen overnite. It develop slowly and passionately.
Sometimes I do feel lonely but on the other hand I
also feel relief to be alone. Love is a hassle & messy thingy.
I don wanna be hurt & hurt anyone. I don want to with someone
just because I feel lonely. It really not fair for him.
Think better stand alone & be independant.

Monthly routine as well as when I feel lonely or tired,
I will go for a spa or facial treatment at Bangsar.
Going there was my favourite time as the place was
so comfy and the people was are so friendly.
Thanks to my beauty therapist, Eunice and the spa manager, Joe.
She is cute, pretty and nice. She knew me well & everytime
I visit, for sure both of them will ask " where is ur bf?" . sigh.
Something happened last few month and I did not want to explain
so just pretend to be normal. "Oh, he's working." *smile

I`m friendly and cheerful but i tend to be shy and quiet

if you dont know me well. Most of them who just knew me,
for sure they will said I am a quiet girl but for my jimuis and
close buddies, I am sor poh who alwiz talk crap & blur.
Gosh..I missed my college & University life ~

* talking crap again..& sorry for bad grammer & phrase

Saturday Nite Fever

Sat Saturday Night Live @ The Loft, Zouk
113 Jln. Ampang, KL. T: 2171 1997If Zouk's Mainroom is the club's arms and legs and Velvet Underground its heart, The Loft is surely its brain. With a music policy of mind expansion and education, Goldfish's night carried that ethos forward as he and three other tastemakers took turns to stimulate the cerebral and corporeal and join the dots between funk, hip hop, rock, jazz house and more. 9pm. No cover. For info, log onto

Push @ Zouk
113 Jln. Ampang, KL. T: 2171 1997Fono and Ray Soo create musical waves that push the boundaries of the dance music scene by delivering big, upfront, cutting edge sounds from around the world. Don't pull, push! 9pm. Ladies RM30, men RM35; ladies free bef. 12mn. For info, log onto

Looking Good @ Nouvo
16 Jln. Sultan Ismail (corner of Jln. P. Ramlee), KL. T: 2161 6666Loops Collective presents our nation's best bred breakbeat and drum and bass makers and mixers. What you hear: DJs Mac, Siv, Az, Nujita, Eugene, Spacebar and JUICE DJ Quest 2004 2nd Runner Up, Nick Lee, MCs Spyda and Nicky C, and turntablists Decktronicz and the Bionic Battle Crew, and of course, the leaders of the pack, Low and Acid. What you see: hard steppin', rompin' stompin' behaviour that you can't find anywhere else. Don't hesitate, just be a part of this groundbreaking movement. Happens every 3rd Sat of the month. 9pm.