Another fun drunked nite

Yday was the last night we gather togather at May's house since she is leaving Malaysia today. After work, we head to her house to have farewell party. Just few close jimuis. We have nice & light dinner. Chit chat & drink.

Same as what happened last weekend..again we open bottle. Chivas, red wine & beer. sigh...most of use get drunk & puke like shit ! By 1am..almost all wing wing dei liao ~
Reached home by 2am..rush to toilet & puke kao kao ! adoi

Just another fun nite...gonna miss her alot. Hopefully I get my job & have a chance to visit her in London.

Coz of lazyness to wake up early in the morning plus drunk & sleep late at night, I decice to take leave today ! yahOoooo.. Slept till 9am in the morning and then go online. Chat with a friend. Luckily he remind me to go and take MC. and I do it ! hehehe..

Went to have lunch with some friends and visit their office. The weather today is dam blady hot. fuh..just another good day. Back at home early, and started to rain heavily. Chat online again ~ one fren mood was very down, reason for being sad might because of love..I don know excatly wat happened..but hopefully everything will turn good for him. He's a cute and friendly boy. Glad to have this friend. Cheer up dude ! U got a cute & nice smile !

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