Crazy nite

Its one of the crazy nite I've encounter so far wit my jimuis & my close fren. I never been to club with them before coz they don really enjoy it besides drinkin ..duh ~

After the luxury dinner wit may & all, we head to Cristo for a again..which I don really like, only drank a bottle. By 1am..some already gone home, left 12 ppl and we head Breakers but all the table are fully booked. So next is to DragonBar.It is my first time in Dragonbar and I found it pretty small & the sound system is not good.

But who's care..I ran down wit Fib and dance on the stage....I feel my head is spinning fast...phew...At the same time I dirty dance with a stranger..The funny part was I can't remember who did hug me as my frens ask me... who?? who ?? Where got wor!...All I remember was I did quick dance with a totally yeung sui guy..luckily the light was dim ~ if not.. ~.~!!! waste all my food & wine that I had on that nite.

But apart from the crazy dance, everything seem fine & abit bored. The dinner was divided into 2 table, not much talk between the two table except few ppl. The drinking section also a boring case coz each has own disscusion. The hot gossip of the nite among us was about Gil & Fib. The broke up news was spread so fast. We did noticed that both of them was totally diff. Both have less encounter & talk. Question arised and many of them ask each other..wat's happening coz the last yumchar section, the hot gossip was me & Rol..but today seem diff...blur face appear among them...hehehe..Btw,quite a fun nite.

The funny & nonsense thing is, most of them think Fib & Rol, coz both of them talk more like couple and thought both of them were dating. hahahaha...we all know both of them well..
But frankly speaking, some weird feelin burst out and I don like he with her. No way he will choose her. Not to said I am bad or wat. We all knew both of them for many years...wat kind of ger Fib is as well as sui chai Rol...hey! I know tat I am not a perfect person, but I'll continue learning........Btw, if Rol fell for other girl, I will feel glad and very happy for him but totally not Fib. Y? don ask me why? ask others heheheh...(wing wing dei) ^O^ * by pussy silly mars

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michi said...

hey there..really know watcha talking about there...i mean the ending part..wahhaa...