Furry furry !!!

Last few nite, I guess..while I am on my msn..chatting & surfing in KKL. Pollux, one of my old friend pm me..as usual.." Hi toro" ...I saw his avatar & wondering wat the heck is tat ! green furry thingy. At first i thought I was a wallet but then poll told me not. Arrhh..If tat was a wallet, for sure I will get it. Green colour is most wanted for this season. Spring ! Am currently hunting for green thingy from cloths to bag ~ hehehehehe...

Actually that was a self make notebook cover. Cool ! Pollux ! Still waiting for your dinner ! After you get your car, I wanna be the 1st passengger !! can !??! Hahahahaa..jk jk ..Check this out gals !

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