Fun day & Drunken nite

That was a cool & fun day out. I went for the water raftling in Gopeng, Perak
with my frens & their colleagues. Dam hell, we got to wake up at 4.30-5am !
The journey was so fun & the weather was so dam blady hot.

11ppls for one trip. The water raftling in the river took about 2 ++ hours.
The funny part is where the boat I was in overturn when we try to go
through the big rock and I was breathless for about 2mins coz
I was stuck between the boat & the rock underneath the water.
Luckily my fren realise and pull me up. hhahahahaa

Later in the evening we head to Sungkai for the sake
hotspring and shower. In the end, we went for hotspirng
jazucci. Back to KL, before all went back to home, we head to
Finnegan pub, Hartamas for a beer and chat. The games wasn't
so challenging but the day out was so fun and I meet alots new
frens and gains new experience.
(Thanks to Dolly, Ester,Catherine,Seng Hong, Andy, Bryan,
Norman,Nick and tracy for the fun day )

The day wasn't end so quickly. Later at 10pm, I went for a
drinking section with my jimui and frens in Orange.
We order a bottle of Chivas and the funny part was,
we order alot snacks (not to mention is was free) and
the worst part was only the gers finished up the snacks so
dam fast.hahahaa

We play card and those who lost drink. Chat and play games
all the nite. I was drunk coz I drank alots for the sake of fun.
My stomach was not feelin so well, so I head to toilet & puke !!
& we took alot pictures. Cely, me Jaeve,Shuen Ting & May took alot
pic wit stupid acts ! tats was so fun~

Later around 2am, head to Safiz mamak for drink and supper.
I was so drunk & sleepy. Only manage to drink a hot milo..
Food will only make me puke . On the way back, in the car
I think twice before I make my decision. I did not want my
parent to see my drunken face so I stay overnite at one of my
old fren hse. Hahahahhaa Lukily he does not have any objection
I believe he won't mind also geh. Who's care..I
was so dam sleepy..juz need a nice sleep only.
pshh..I sleept in guess room this time. don think too much

At his house, I am so dam blur and strainght to bed.
But dammit I woke up so early around 8.30am !
For godnesss sake, wat I need to do wake up so early.
So I went back to sleep for 1 hour and wake up.
His house was empty coz his parents went to overseas,
his maid back to hometown and left only he & his bro.
While I was reading newspaper in living room,
his bro & gf saw me again. Not much conversation.
Hehehe. I jus realise that his bro was so funny.
Singing in the bathroom so loud coz he didnt realise
I was in the house. wahahhahahh

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Sing said...

well, the 1st time i saw u, u was like so cool, with the YENG glasses,even hard to listen a word from u. but then u are just active, when i going silly u just go silly with me,really happy that found some1 as silly as me do.anyway keep it on, coz u already met the silly person that's me ehehe....take care and adios silly