Funny romance drama

Full House (Korean)

Starring: Bi(Rain) as Lee Young Jae, Song Hye Gyo as Han Ji Eun, Kang Hae Won as Han Eun Jung and Kim Sung Soo as Yu Min HyukThis

A funny and romantic drama. The story plot was very nice.This romantic drama was all based on a Korean fav comic called.... Well..... Full House

On the screen, Bi and Song Hye Gyo made a very fun-loving couple that couldn't stop getting at each other's throats. Every time they wanted to say something nice to each other they ended up saying things completely opposite to what they really meant!

Throughout this drama, they continually quarrel with each other because of their stubborn selves....Han Ji Eun had lost her parents at a young age and was living in the house that her father had built and that she had been living in all her life. Because of her "friends" she is given the opportunity to go to China. This seemed innocent enough, but really, her friends had gotten themselves in a financial crisis, so they felt that after they got her out of the country they could sell her house and pay them off. Not knowing this, Ji Eun goes to China and ends up not having a place to stay. She goes to the hotel - her friends claimed to have gotten her a room - and finds that they had not gotten a room for her.

Fortunately she runs into Yu Min Hyuk and is given a room.Meanwhile... Lee Young Jea is a famous rising star in Korea that has a real attitude problem. He is given a film role that is located in China and goes there to fulfill this task. While in the airplane he is put in the seat next to Ji Eun. There they get acquainted...

After Ji Eun gets home she finds that all her stuff has been taken out and that someone new was moving in. In rage she goes to find her friends, but is unsuccessful. After this she goes back to the house to find that the person who had moved in was none other than Lee Young Jea.

Because Ji Eun did not have a place to go Young Jea lets her stay on one condition... She had to be his housemaid.This is what brings me to the other details. While they live together they begin to develop feelings towards each other but to try to avoid them they begin to fight and find ways of insulting each other.

There are many, many more details that I have not told you yet... *winkz* Young Jea and Ji Eun get married so you have to watch it to find out.Overall this was a very interesting drama on its own and if I hadn't read the comic I would have given it 5 stars because it truly is very well made.

Is true that love need time to grow and we have to appreciate all the efforts that we put into one relationship. No points if there is only one side love and you woudn't know how much hurt deep inside to love someone that does not care as much as you care for them. This drama have a lovely ending. At last Bi know that he love her so much and start to learn how to love and care his darling. OOohh..gosh..wat a wonderful man!

Check out the dress & accessories Song Hye Kyo wearing. Very nice & colorful!

If you love someone, you'd protect them, right? ...I want to protect you Young-jae. -- Han Ji-eunIt's possible she wouldn't know how lovely she is. I love this woman. I wish to protect her from the hurt, from the pain. To take care of her always... -- Lee Young-jae

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