DreamLover come rescue me ~

Dreamlover by Mariah Carey

As usual routine for saturday, I went to gym at
Menara John Honcock. Right before I step into
the gym, I saw Melissa (the body jam instructor)
at the coffee hse listening to her iPod while practising
few new steps. I really enjoy her class although can't pick
up the step..due to my low IQ.

After I had my dinner at home, coz I have no

where to go, so I went online.
Really have no interest to go anyway. No mood.
Surf through KKL and saw Maggee aka XmasGurl
blog titled Pat BB & Mag Ney.
( http://www.patbbmagney.blogspot.com/)

Is her love journey. I felt she was so lucky to meet

someone. Is all about how she meet him & how the
love develop since then. As reading her blog, it remind
me of something sweet that happened sometimes ago.
Wish I meet someone sweet, rich bachelor (muahahhahaha)
who cares & love me. I believe relationship does not
happen overnite. It develop slowly and passionately.
Sometimes I do feel lonely but on the other hand I
also feel relief to be alone. Love is a hassle & messy thingy.
I don wanna be hurt & hurt anyone. I don want to with someone
just because I feel lonely. It really not fair for him.
Think better stand alone & be independant.

Monthly routine as well as when I feel lonely or tired,
I will go for a spa or facial treatment at Bangsar.
Going there was my favourite time as the place was
so comfy and the people was are so friendly.
Thanks to my beauty therapist, Eunice and the spa manager, Joe.
She is cute, pretty and nice. She knew me well & everytime
I visit, for sure both of them will ask " where is ur bf?" . sigh.
Something happened last few month and I did not want to explain
so just pretend to be normal. "Oh, he's working." *smile

I`m friendly and cheerful but i tend to be shy and quiet

if you dont know me well. Most of them who just knew me,
for sure they will said I am a quiet girl but for my jimuis and
close buddies, I am sor poh who alwiz talk crap & blur.
Gosh..I missed my college & University life ~

*Heheheh...am talking crap again..& sorry for bad grammer & phrase

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