GGL Bday at The Loft

Welcome GGL to the world of 30's. Tai kor jai la...sang sang seng sengla....don bullshit & tell me...lam yan sam sap, yat tiu long...dengggg. He celebrate his bday at The Loft. Dunno how many bottle of black label ordered liao..7 or 8 bottle ? 4 shot of lamborgini, 2 shot AK47 ..wat else u guys order? how many ppl already? cant remember all the name? i remember one called himself 'fai cai', sei 9..wahhahaha. don think all of them remember my name...I am Yu tan...~ yu tan mui ~ isk isk...
Anyway, sang yat fai lok..u owe me ..coz i puke on the way to have my morning dimsum...thanks to the lamborgini + the AK47. Wuakkkk

this happen after more than 9 glass of black label,
one shot lambogini, one shot of AK47

go go 2nd shot of lamborgini ~

Ray fire his black label ~ isk isk isk

Claypot Lou Shu Fan at Tmn Tun

Claypot Lou Shu Fan from Tmn Tun, PJ. (Mama Kitchen)

We order a large pot which cost only RM10. Serving potion is for 4-5 ppl. We also order ma poh taufu (serve with white rice better) and Asparagus with sambal prawn. The sambal prawn was delicious and the price also niceee..The bill cost Rm53 incl pot of tea (refillable)

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio C25, Seashell white

Window Vista Home Based, 80GB HDD, Free upgrade 1Gb Ram, include a mouse, headset and 3 lucky draw. Too bad..i only manage to key 2 Sony KeyChain & AA Battery..isk isk..spend so much yet so little reward..

Weekend Cook

Herbal Chicken

Dong kwai, Kei zhi, Yuk Zhuk
Chicken stock
Oyster sauce to rip the chicken

Why Mars so hamsup geh ??

Someone ask me why I am so hamsup or I need a bf badly? Well well, let me tell you why?

Bf? I got...I presume some reader not attract to hamsup thingy but most likely 90% of you like it. sometimes you will find it funny and sometimes it will excite you. Some gals will not talk about sex matter in front of anyone and keep it to herself or partner. One funny things I read from a forum is, some gals keep saying dont touch me or We can make love till we married. Hell, you know wat..these ppl moaning high and keep repeating 'we not suppose to make luv'. 'U can'touch me'...isn't this funny when u read this. Dont let ppl touch why still fcking. Chinese ppl call this ' hao pat tui sam' hor...

I am very open minded and not mind talk about hamsup thingy especially when u have kaki to share it. Talk it and laugh it out. If not, wat's life if you alwiz a serious person. Some of my guys friends are suprise when heard I said hamsup thingy. When guys gather togather, the main topic to share is humsup thingy. "Fck, tat chiq is awesome, nice tits." "Look at gal, nice figure." "Nice longkang, deep V. delicious" (Correct me if I'm wrong)
When gals gather togather. " See tat lengchai, nice to hug, big arms, nice chest" or " y KL no lengchai gar" or if you watch Sex & The City, you know when a bunch of gal gather togather wat will happen. (I love this series alot).

Personal sex experience you probably share it with your partner or you very close frens. Open talk will help you to increase your relationship. Some of them may not share the details of their partners because they respect their relationship. (This is absolutely agreeable)
Take a case, why men go out for extra meal and why does some women cheat their parnters? Answer is 80% of them is to look for different excitment and balance is other reason.

I admit I'm one of the hamsup mui and not those ppl who are desperate for it but not dare to admit. I try to share everything I want to tell and share it everyone. btw, Thanks to my darling, my jimui and my kai kar lou aka GGL for accepting who I am. Hahahahaha.Btw, the thingy I post is not up to adultery standard yet. hmm..will try to upgrade...more extreme....more to standard horr

What happen to youngster today?

I just read through today newspaper (The Star) with the heading 'Schoolboys hungry for sex'.

What happen to youngster today? Too much influence by the adult and the society? Imagine, 15 yrs old boy looking for prostitute.They saved daily pocket money by skipping meals and accumulated it till end of the month for cheap rostitute. What happen if the prostitute is unhealthy exspecially those cheap one. If infected, it will lasted forover and you will never gonna have sex or family for the rest of your life. I've read another article where 9 yrs old kid get pregnant by her 12 yrs old friend. Imagine, wat's the parent reaction. "My baby are pregnant when she don't even know how to take care of herself."

It really sad to see all this happen. I couldn't imgain those 10 yrs child having sex. They don't even have boobs and some not even hit puberty. I'm so sad for all this happening.

Loss of Attraction

Q- Lately I have been through this phrase where I am not sexually attracted to my husband. It's really depressing adn frustrating. Thr worst part is that I am sexually attracted to other men. I even flirt with other men and imagine having casual sex. We have been married for only one year now. What do I do?Talk to him or wait it out?

A- The phase you are going through that is not sexually attracted to your husband is nothinig new and this term seems to be happening to more men (50%) than women (25%). According to them, it is attraction that brings them closed and once the curiosity is no longer there the attration declines. Your attraction to him is probably is lust and not passion. Lust will not last but passion is otherwise. If you really love him, try making things better. Ask yourself what makes you attracted to therse other men and try look for that in your husband and put that in your husband. If you are not getting enough sex from him do let him know about it and work it out with him even both of you need to see a counsellor. Meanwhile do not do anything that you might regret later like flirting and etc because this will damage your marriage.

Writer comment:
Most married men having affair outside and wat's the worst things is looking for prostitute. This might harm your wife or your partner. Having casual sex or affair mostly because of lust. After a period of relationship, the lust will probably gone. Partner will start looking for other attraction and start to flirt around. First stage, flirting. It is very intresting and where you get all your confidence and feel sexy. Another stage is start imagination on having casual sex where partner get to enjoy diff sex life. Healthy casual sex is better than looking prostitute. But ! Remember no string attached otherwise will damage your marriage or relationship.

~Don't let someone become priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...Relationships work best when they are balanced.~

When u bored


monday bluess

Woke up at 4.40am to sent my parents to airport.London trip + my sis graduation
Holy shit..i want to sleep...ZzZzZzZzzzz

Those were the days

I haven’t been working out lately and seem my body start storing those extra fat. ass and tummy gonna get bigger...hell no..don't call me 'cute'..I'm not cute and not sexy. I've work hard to change myself.. do you love the attention from ppl around u when u walk in to a restaurant or shops ? Do you like the feeling strangers come to you and talk to you when u have a drink or even buy u a drink or dinner ? Do you love those eyes winzk at you ? ...well I do..
I lost those attention few years and I don want to repeat it again...
I miss those day, workout and sweat, facial and body massage..then head to coffee shop for a drink...
Do shopping alone, going pub alone..knowing all those strangers..having kinky, crazy and stupid game with bunch of frens.. looking for "water-fish" and act like those goddamn bitch..

Really miss those day.... sometimes we need to be alone to cool down and do something we like..

Old Me...

Still a fat chiq ~.~"


sienesss is surrounding me again ~ tin arr...

weekday routine, go home, eat, hse work, online, again~ stupid client stupid work..DNS

weekend sleep watch tv eat beh sien...

no $$ lagi bei ~ haih..wat a life ~

add on ~ DNS, deng kui geh fai..sei fei poh..kanasai..sik si or fan..TKL,fcuk,mm mong lei hang kai puk chan geh tau, sik fan bei fan kang chan, yum sui bei sui chok chan,or si or um chut, yut sik yut fei, fei tou g gam..NS..... Vivian KLT.. btw, I am not payroll processor coz i don like do and i don want to be part of the team. sei hoi la u fatt ass aunty.. tai lei sing sai jou sei fei poh..kai si poh..sei pat poh...salary gam lan tor..jou mat q head....

btw,I prefer implmentation and yet PMO..still good..
sorry la..i also dunno y hate so much...

Perhentian Trip

Is time to the beach ! Suntan, snorkelling, swimming etc...

What a wonderful time ~ Perhentian

The journey begin last week. We drive to Kuala Besut which took about 7 hrs drive (depends on how fast you drive) From Kuala Lumpur - Karak Highway-Kuantan-Kuala Terengganu -Jertih- Kuala Besut (approx. 556 km) On the way back we took Timur-Barat Highway from Jertih - Kuala Kangsar - North South Highway.

There are really nice scenery on the way back and we did passby Tasik Temenggor. Also took about 7 hr. We even stop by at Kuala Kangsar for Durian..(p/s not me..coz i don like durian)

Bubu Resort

Suntan @ Perhentian Kecil

Redang Beach

Lang Tengah

We stay in Bubu Long Beach Resort for 3D2N package. For those interested, may contact Fauna Holiday - Mr Ong