Loss of Attraction

Q- Lately I have been through this phrase where I am not sexually attracted to my husband. It's really depressing adn frustrating. Thr worst part is that I am sexually attracted to other men. I even flirt with other men and imagine having casual sex. We have been married for only one year now. What do I do?Talk to him or wait it out?

A- The phase you are going through that is not sexually attracted to your husband is nothinig new and this term seems to be happening to more men (50%) than women (25%). According to them, it is attraction that brings them closed and once the curiosity is no longer there the attration declines. Your attraction to him is probably is lust and not passion. Lust will not last but passion is otherwise. If you really love him, try making things better. Ask yourself what makes you attracted to therse other men and try look for that in your husband and put that in your husband. If you are not getting enough sex from him do let him know about it and work it out with him even both of you need to see a counsellor. Meanwhile do not do anything that you might regret later like flirting and etc because this will damage your marriage.

Writer comment:
Most married men having affair outside and wat's the worst things is looking for prostitute. This might harm your wife or your partner. Having casual sex or affair mostly because of lust. After a period of relationship, the lust will probably gone. Partner will start looking for other attraction and start to flirt around. First stage, flirting. It is very intresting and where you get all your confidence and feel sexy. Another stage is start imagination on having casual sex where partner get to enjoy diff sex life. Healthy casual sex is better than looking prostitute. But ! Remember no string attached otherwise will damage your marriage or relationship.

~Don't let someone become priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...Relationships work best when they are balanced.~

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