What happen to youngster today?

I just read through today newspaper (The Star) with the heading 'Schoolboys hungry for sex'.

What happen to youngster today? Too much influence by the adult and the society? Imagine, 15 yrs old boy looking for prostitute.They saved daily pocket money by skipping meals and accumulated it till end of the month for cheap rostitute. What happen if the prostitute is unhealthy exspecially those cheap one. If infected, it will lasted forover and you will never gonna have sex or family for the rest of your life. I've read another article where 9 yrs old kid get pregnant by her 12 yrs old friend. Imagine, wat's the parent reaction. "My baby are pregnant when she don't even know how to take care of herself."

It really sad to see all this happen. I couldn't imgain those 10 yrs child having sex. They don't even have boobs and some not even hit puberty. I'm so sad for all this happening.

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