Gong Xi Fatt Chai

No new hairstyle, no big shopping.. snothing special this year..boh bian la..save $$..*kiamsap more will make u rich..hahahah

Pls take care of your health. Currently the weather is so bad and dengue is widely attackin ppl. Both my mum & my sis aka fei mui hit by that Chikunguniya, a debilitating non-fatal viral illness like dengue is tranmitted by `Aedes Aegypti' mosquito, which is also the vector of dengue. Symptom - symptom may occur
Headache Joint pain (or arthralgia)
Arthritis affecting multiple joints that can be debilitating.
Swelling of Joints
Rash (May occur rarely)
Sometimes there maybe infection of the conjunctiva of the eye and some photophobia.
Bleeding or hemorrhage (May occur rarely).

Maymay is back !!

wowww..was happy to hear MayCheah is back from UK for this yr CNY. Looking forward for the gathering...

CNY is around the corner and I have not get any new year dress..no mood + not much choice in the market...But I got a long list of products i want to buy..H2O & MAC is my top priority !!

OK..i be away from KL for this yr CNY. Away to the cat land =.="
no mood, very x boring.. ArrRR
Oh..i just watched Sex & The City, da movie..ok..i kn0w am outdated, but i still a fan of sex & the didi city.

What life to you when u are in your

ok..another new year resolution..more great sex and more blood ciculation !!

I just got my FOC Lotus Spa & Full Body Detox Treatment on this special month..wowwoow... booked my facial as well....