CNY @ Sarawak

Lovely evening

Gong xi fatt chai !! This year I celebrate CNY at Sri Aman, my bf hometown at Sarawak. What a peaceful CNY I ever had. Life in small town which I never been before, really can make me bored to dead. Why I feel bored? Coz I miss cinema, shopping malls, don have frens there which make me feel like a stranger and main reason is-- not KL !! The main dialect in the town is 'teochew' and 'mandarin' Fuh..luckily my mandarin is not bad (thanks to my darling for pratising with me) dont laugh ok*
But frankly speaking, life there is really relaxing and warm. Relatives are stay so close to each other. During CNY, frens and coursemate gathering each night for yum char section.Distance is not a matter. No traffic jam, 5 mins away from market and stalls. One of the happening things is the 'bernak' which means air pasang & surut happen in the only one river.

Peace !!

Pheromone Parfum

Miiko Nakaido scent compositions have been designed for persons who do not hestitate to emphasise their attractivesness.They have extraordinary addition thanks to which the persons who wear them make a huge impression on all people around them. If you are a woman, you will find out soon that men with whom you talk look into your eyes more willingly and smile more frequently. If you are man, do not be suprised by the fact that women that you meet become more open unexpectedly while talking.
The present of pheromone in perfumes make people around you more open and talk more.It is worth to know that the influence of pheromoens on the opposite sex is especially intensive.
It come with 13 types of scent for women and 8 types for men.

Bird Nest

Yooooo...bird Nest from Swak~

Kiamsap Rich Aunty

She's rich.
She's single.
She have her own apartment in Mont Kiara
She believe other place than Mont Kiara & Hartamas area are dangerous and low class. She only know few places such as Old klang road (where her parent's lives), mont kiara & damansara height.

She wil not eat cutted fruit as she believe fresh fruit are the best. She will use body lotion as her lip balm. Even worse is her lotion is she took from hotel when she travel. She will order expensive food such as abalone porridge when she claim under business travel expenses. She will only go for beauty treatment if there is any promotion. She juz joined Yoga Zone. No money will waste on tat. She fully utilised the facilites very well. Twice yoga a day, if possible 7 days a week.She is a very feminime lady and she will not like you to said any f* word in front of her. She will like you to wear skirt especially floral type.

Her designation is Project Manager and a salary 5 figure.

Gong Xi Fa Cai ~

2007 CNY I be off to Kuching on 14th at 1740 and be back to KL on 21th 1915. 22nd I will start working. Wish everyone 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and get more angpow. For those who gamble, win more ya !!

p/s GGL...i want get angpow !! u when i back to KL !!

Commited to Work

Do you love your job? Do you commit to your work? Do you work for the sake of money? Do you statisfy with your salary? Do you work so every month you will get the same pay which just enough for you & your family?

I am so commited to my work right now.Gosh... Work on public holiday ! Yes I do. Weekend? Yes I do. You want high pay? Yes I want but not now as I still a fresh to the job. My job will be my stepping stone to HRO consulting world. They told me I have a huge opportunity in this area and the jump will be very huge. I hope my target will reach by age of 30. High pay with right position. lolx

How bout you?