CNY @ Sarawak

Lovely evening

Gong xi fatt chai !! This year I celebrate CNY at Sri Aman, my bf hometown at Sarawak. What a peaceful CNY I ever had. Life in small town which I never been before, really can make me bored to dead. Why I feel bored? Coz I miss cinema, shopping malls, don have frens there which make me feel like a stranger and main reason is-- not KL !! The main dialect in the town is 'teochew' and 'mandarin' Fuh..luckily my mandarin is not bad (thanks to my darling for pratising with me) dont laugh ok*
But frankly speaking, life there is really relaxing and warm. Relatives are stay so close to each other. During CNY, frens and coursemate gathering each night for yum char section.Distance is not a matter. No traffic jam, 5 mins away from market and stalls. One of the happening things is the 'bernak' which means air pasang & surut happen in the only one river.

Peace !!

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