Kiamsap Rich Aunty

She's rich.
She's single.
She have her own apartment in Mont Kiara
She believe other place than Mont Kiara & Hartamas area are dangerous and low class. She only know few places such as Old klang road (where her parent's lives), mont kiara & damansara height.

She wil not eat cutted fruit as she believe fresh fruit are the best. She will use body lotion as her lip balm. Even worse is her lotion is she took from hotel when she travel. She will order expensive food such as abalone porridge when she claim under business travel expenses. She will only go for beauty treatment if there is any promotion. She juz joined Yoga Zone. No money will waste on tat. She fully utilised the facilites very well. Twice yoga a day, if possible 7 days a week.She is a very feminime lady and she will not like you to said any f* word in front of her. She will like you to wear skirt especially floral type.

Her designation is Project Manager and a salary 5 figure.

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