Commited to Work

Do you love your job? Do you commit to your work? Do you work for the sake of money? Do you statisfy with your salary? Do you work so every month you will get the same pay which just enough for you & your family?

I am so commited to my work right now.Gosh... Work on public holiday ! Yes I do. Weekend? Yes I do. You want high pay? Yes I want but not now as I still a fresh to the job. My job will be my stepping stone to HRO consulting world. They told me I have a huge opportunity in this area and the jump will be very huge. I hope my target will reach by age of 30. High pay with right position. lolx

How bout you?


Cely said...

i m not ambitious on my career.

I work for the sake of money. I work for what's enough for me and my family.

Money is not everything to me... i experienced it a lot about money issue.

earn and use what's enough...then i m satisfied.

when u got extra.. then u gatal.. then u overspend, then u borrow from loan shark, and u finally bring shits to family..

that's why i dun need extra. :)

mars said...

Money issue I do face before..I am not ambitious but I hope to get enough money to get my own car and hse. salary range 4-5K by age of 30.lolx