let me die

cut me into 2 piece pls !!!!!! so many work yet so little time.. tis la, tat la, blah blah..

i wanna go home .. gonna to take MC soon. Been having sleepless nite..my brain are tired


Productive in terms of wat ?
sang chai arr !!! no laa..kai wan siu mehh

today i think is the productive day since year 2008 at work place 9am - 9+pm. Dam hell busy, all issue need to solve urgently. Anyway, client alwiz demand want it by today. Of course cannot la, change program logic u think play play meh..Told them wait and by 2mlw EOD I give them la..U think I got thousand hand meh..Need to solve all the issue log, do UAT testing, need to learn payrun, need to solve GL prob.. For those donno want is GL. --> GL=Generaal Ledger, terms use by Finance. I am dam blur on GL..so don ask me do...*shit la..SCS GL prob again...Nico mak sifu, help me ~~
again dam jialat la, my mgr..ms poon..wat's the big deal in go KL do some handover job. UAT she still can do it without me wat..sek si la..u think u mgr no need to be test all meh..btw, I heard she said the only one she can work with is Nico worr...* Ah jeh..i think you will fight n kill her when work togather with her.. boh chap la..i do watever i can tis week.

my eye also blur when typing this...juz finished my dinner at 10.30opm. suck..SG fried kueh teow ...forever sweet ...isk..anyway, i be back to KL for one week...cari curi ayam work in KL..adios..continue watch Heroes 2.

Anyway, anyone insterested to watch fan bin bin uncensored art movie. Title of the movie is "Ping Guo" English title - Lost in Beijing. (2007) by Fan Bin Bin & Tony Leung Kar Fai


dunno my decision is right or wrong. My new job scope gonna change as I taking up team lead role for one massive client. Migration & operation is totally different world I can said. Both have different expection and market value. One is project based and another one is cycle task.

anyway, I will finish up one cycle of migration and take up some knowledge from Payroll. Probation period about 3 mth before promote to TL. Let's take tis period as a learning period and test whether I suitable or not. The truth is, which I told my boss, got increment I will do. $$$. I take tis chance to increase my salary value so next job, i can request higher marr...wish me good luck

my plan is to do internal HRIS in future. Don want too stress work, coz i want to be leng auntie in future. wahahhahaha

adoi.....5 ekor hamster go to heaven liao today...go teman Lydia SUm aka fei jeh !! the mama hamster dunno take care her babies....sad sad

Good news

My hamster give birth to 5 more babies...total all togather now is 10 hamsters !! Need to wait 2 weeks before separate them from mama.
anyone interested to buy/adopt hamster, please email me.

Type - roboski
Price - Rm5-10 / per (nego)
Good condition, no biting, very active one

Another news, my hse are ready and I gonna get the key !! congrat..
but sad la, got no $$ to reno the hse...save $$$ 1st

Built up area: 1,930 sq ft to 2,110 sq ft
Land Area: 22' x 75'
Type: Intermediate Unit
Let me show some part of my hse

Floor Plan

Happy Valentine Day !!

Dedication to my darling !! happy V day~

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

CNY = eat eat eat --> FAT !!!!!
CNY = ang pao & gamble --> $$$$
CNY = sleepless & play --> Tired
CNY = visiting [ohh..so big aldy, lenglui worr !! Where do you work? paktoh aldy arr? when u getting married ?] --> sianz..

May The Year of RATS bring all that You Wished For !

Holiday week - countdown to CNY

Been to MV yday, dam lotsa ppl...gosh... managed to bought new bra (red & black lace) from Xixili.
Today, went to celebrity fitness gym with Elizabeth. This is my 1st time reached 1Utama for so dam early. No shop open yet at 9am !!
Anyway, we have a good workout and then head to Organic Farm Rest to have lunch. yummy one and thanks for da lunch eliz! We went to Missy Nails to have pedicure and manicure. I done my french pedicure and manicure in 2 hr. the service are okie ..gosh..I've a long day in 1U.Reached home around 5.30pm and play with my dear hamsters. oh yea..I also bought a cute toy to for darling's car. wuakwuak

I saw a nice bag yday at The Garden..